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Sissy Spacek

Sissy Spacek Plastic Surgery

We don’t see anything wrong about the nose of the actress Sissy Spacek in the first picture, it was wider than the one she shows in the other pictures but we think it was proportional to her face.  There are many rumors saying that she got plastic surgery (rhinoplasty or nose job) sometime early in her career.

Many have said that the change was too obvious and also that in the time when she had surgery rhinoplasty was not advanced like now days.

After that change her nose looks smaller in general, her bridge and tip look half the size than before giving a triangular shape to the nose. 

It was interesting for us when we found some comments about her name, she said: "My cousin, Rip Torn, persuaded me not to change my name. You shouldn’t change what you are in the search for success."

For some people it could look like she changed her self with the change of her nose, in our personal opinion plastic surgery doesn’t change who you really are, we think is a way to improve the image that you could have about yourself, the only problem is when people abuse of surgery or have some disorders that may affect their self image.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a preoccupation with an imagined physical defect in appearance or a vastly exaggerated concern about a minimal defect. The preoccupation must cause significant impairment in the individual’s life. So, when you see someone having too much plastic surgery it could be a BDD problem.

16 thoughts on “Sissy Spacek

  1. tinydancer

    Didn’t know people had nose jobs back in the 70s.. It disturbed me the whole film.. She does look like Michael. But after a while you get used to it and I actually realized she has a distinctive beauty.

  2. Alison

    In her new memoir, Spacek oddly has no photos of between the age of five and her early twenties, yet she has plenty of her teenaged brothers. Makes me think she didn’t want us to see what her nose was like before the nose job.

  3. popper

    I saw a picture years ago of Sissy Spacek pre nose job and she had a big nose. Now when I google it I can’t find the picture. I think she a couple of nose jobs. She’s a great actress – it was worth it.

  4. angel

    i always told my mom that sissy looked like michael jackson. i know both michael and sissy personally. and i have told both of them that. i think it’s really funny though. my mom cant see it.
    r.i.p Michael. I love you
    And I love u too sissy. c u soon

  5. mab

    She had the standard old Hollywood nose job with the upturned perky look. Marlo Thomas had it as well. I think Sissy was very pretty before and I wish she had left herself alone. She probably could get it fixed again if she cared to to make it look more natural.

  6. I love little artifical looking style !

    Hello, I like her nose and I mean it serious. For me this looks very nice. It looks very much better than the work of the most doctors do, which make only that boring “natural” look. I come from Germany and I had some rhinoplasties here; I´m not satisfied. Because the doctors here operate in a very “natural” way, I hate it. For me a beautiful nose is very small, very thin and I love this upturned style.

  7. Sundae

    I don’t know her probably because I’m 20 and french ;D lol but i just saw in her the movie “An American Haunting” and i was a little disturbed by her nose I’ll tell you why : it’s obvious that she had a nose job,a bad one, and she was playing in a movie which story was taking place in the 19th century :- …. i mean, when you’re an actor you can’t do whatever you want with your face because you work with it ….i can name you a lot of actors/actresses who can not play in historic movies because of their facial expression …it’s a shame 🙁

  8. Marcy

    If you are not familiar with Sissy than you need to watch her biography, and then watch her performance in Coal Miners Daughter. She portrayed Loretta Lynn, the first and will always be the first lady of country music. Her performance was outstanding as was Tommy Lee Jones. The movie ‘Carrie’ was a paycheck, take time to see what an amazing woman and actress she is. Sissy you are a true movie star!

  9. Becky

    Sissy Spacek is one of the most talented actresses ever to hit Hollywood, way before looks gave you your market value as opposed to now. People today are just too superficial. (Hi, Sophie.)

    That said, changing your looks via plastic surgery is changing yourself even MORE than changing a name. You are born with your face, not with a name.

  10. Fan?

    In my book……………She’ll always be CARRIE….”They’re all going to laugh at you!” She has always had that “special” (that is politically correct lingo for weird) look about her and I often think that if she had brown eyes and black hair, she’d be a dead ringer for Michael Jackson…Can you see it too? I thought so. For you youngsters who don’t know who she is, rent the movie Carrie (not the remake but the one from the 70’s). It’s a Stephen King story and it’s pretty creepy.

  11. laura

    i havnt got the faintest idea who she is but………………
    it was sort of nasty but it IS true
    her nose just luks rank now!

  12. Jellybean

    I think Sophie should grow up! – what a nasty comment! Sissy is a very talented actress and so it doesn’t matter what she looks like. Although in my opinion she has gotten better looking over the years. Not sure why.


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