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Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery

About USA First Lady, Michelle Obama and the changes on her look, it is true, her image has changed a lot comparing pictures when she was younger and now. 

We need to say that the years actually help her to improve her image and to become the fashion icon that she has become now days, we don’t think that plastic surgery has been on her schedule but most probably good advisers on clothes, make up and hair style.

She looks thinner and that could help to define more her facial features, but because there is not a considerable change on the pictures we don’t think a rhinoplasty or nose job did anything to achieve her look.

Michelle doesn’t have strong wrinkles but she preserves her expression lines, making botox injections also hard to believe on her.  She is a young mature woman who looks very natural and happy, not only plastic surgery but healthy habits and a good diet can help also to achieve this wrinkle free look after 40.

39 thoughts on “Michelle Obama

  1. Leah

    Anyone who believes Mrs. O hasn’t had surgery to alter her looks, is either blind, in denial or clueless. Look, I do not care what women do to feel better about themselves, just do not sell it as “clean eating”. She runs around claiming her looks are all to fresh clean eating. Please, it’s insulting to every women and hurts young girls self images much more than the BS she sells on exercise and sugar. Her sugar attack that leads to weight gain, that she is brainwashing youngsters into thinking it’s a hateful thing to be a bit overweight(like she is?) Anyway, It’s all been a hocus pocus trick, similar to the one women use when they….wait, get a new hair cut(like bangs) to throw others off the scent that they may have just had some work (face/nose) recently done. Hmmmm sounds familiar. Just keeping it real~ are you Michelle MrsO. It’s will all come out after she’s out of the big house.

    • Cara

      She’s had more plastic surgery than any other First Lady. Old trick, get a new haircut(bangs) to throw others off.

  2. nancheska

    Whether Mrs. Obama has had plastic surgery or not (and more power to her if she has, and has had it done correctly if needed), she’s still a very pretty woman. It’d be great if all people who had TMJ and other issues (dental issues) could get work done; the reality is that there aren’t many of us who can afford to.
    I’d rather that people concentrate on issues of substance, like how First Ladies try to have an impact on education (Laura Bush), children’s heath (Michelle Obama), etc. Look at Betty Ford: sure, she had a problem with alcohol addiction. Know what? She turned it into a positive, came forward publicly, and began clinics to help those with substance abuse. That’s really “having people’s backs,” IMO.

  3. Joy

    Michelle Obama has most certainly had much plastic surgery it is very obvious, I am just wondering how the media plans on hiding this for so long, and why it hasn’t made front page news, is it like the king has no clothes on?

  4. jacknells

    Yes that’s true that Michel obama changed her look by the plastic surgery and now they are become an fashion icon for the people. From my view, I think 70% Americans pass through this nice surgery.

  5. BEE

    some of you guys have NO KIND OF RESPECT where are your parents and what did they taught you,
    Most of you are speaking all kinds of disrepectful tactic but Look where she is some where you WILL NEVER BE or your mama…:);D

  6. Leewood

    Michelle Obama has most certainly had plastic surgery. She has liposuction on those big butt and thighs. Face lift and nose job. Taxpayers money just like the Spain trip on your dime. Vote them in again in 2012 they are not done with all the vacations and perks they can get. He has spent more time vacationing, playing golf instead of the transparent change he said he was going to do. Oh and let us not forget George Soros calling the shots for Americans too. Ever wonder why Obama wants to drill in Argentina well let me fill you in. George owns the company there wants his pay back from Obama after all his billions helped fund Obama’s campaign and election. One other tidbit Obama wanting Israel to concede land to Palistinians. Obama wants the Hamas to fund his campaign again. Yes people he really is a Muslim. He is not a christian. So lets all get out the vote for these corrupt Chicago thugs. I live in Illinois and I know his voting record here. He is a lazy, narcistic man. No business running our WhiteHouse.

    • fidelity

      You sound crazy! Michelle was making a cool 1/2 million a year before coming to the White House. Your jealous Ha Ha

  7. Red in Denver

    I think Michelle had either a brow or an upper eyelid lift at some point during the campaign. There were so many pictures of her and comments about her looking ‘angry’ (which is a very common comment if your upper eyelids are baggy/droopy). I haven’t noticed the droopiness/bagginess since she’s been 1st lady, AND haven’t seen her or any comments about her looking ‘angry’ since earlier in the campaign.

  8. s guudy

    Michelle needs braces on her lower teeth. They make her bottom lip stick out too far..Why hasnt she sone that before now.

    • LivingWell

      It is actually more than just getting braces to fix… it likely requires double jaw orthognathic surgery, as an underbite is often part overgrowth of lower jaw, and part recessed upper jaw. All braces on the lower teeth will do is make her bottom teeth look recessed as well and have her look even more sunken with a prominent chin. Braces ARE required for surgery, and would actually be used to pull her underbite out even further, making it “worse”, in order to be in proper position for when the jaws are re-aligned.

  9. Xango

    well educated, ….Oh .please..did you read her senior thesis at Princeton?? No?? then read was awful….. …successful attorney..yeah….one who managed to have her law license….revoked…in about 4 years…files sealed..something about insurance fraud?? And BHO gave up his law license …something about lying on his bar application.???.

  10. denise

    is there anythin wrong with you guys? embarrasses America? shes one of the things you actually can be proud about! she might not be a fashion icon, but ..haha.. you are or what?shes wearin what she likes! stop hatin.

  11. bmills

    michelle is hardly a fashion icon. some people have a natural sense of taste, style & manners. she simply doesn’t. she doesn’t research what is appropriate protocol & fasion for particular events, and embarrasses America.

  12. nat

    Makeup alone can make a significant difference when it comes to a person’s appearance, especially on darker skinned people. Foundation and lighting, and even small a small thing like baby powder can make a coloured person look much fairer (lighter) than he or she actually is (unintentionally of course :)). If you’ve seen celebrities like Oprah with and without makeup you’ll understand why the first lady looks so different in all of her pictures. She definitely has not had plastic surgery. It’s just makeup and lighting. My dad is very dark skinned, but when he wears baby powder he can sometimes look “like a ghost” in pictures πŸ˜›

    At any rate, Michelle Obama is a very lovely woman. So intelligent and strong and passionate about America. I suppose she does not fit the mold of the typical blonde haired blue eyed beauty that is the American standard, but she is very beautiful nonetheless. Such a silly standard of beauty imo, open your eyes, people, and see that everyone is beautiful. Even flaws can be beautiful. Botched plastic surgery isn’t. πŸ™‚

  13. Cathy Sali

    Just saw Michele, and this article on her not having any plastic surgery is rediculou!!!! She has had everything done, nose, jaw, teeth, cheeks, eyes, and skin color. Sorry America, but lets not get it twisted, she has had major work, and for the better. She looks easy on the eyes now. And her new hair do is great!

  14. KB

    Is Michelle Obama a fashion icon? She most unequivocally is!!! Her willingness to not conform to the boring, traditional attire that has been commonplace for First Ladies (i.e. boxy, monotone suits), and [daringly] wear clothing that accentuate her personal taste and athletic body make her an icon (or hero) for fashion. Michelle Obama is not a politician, and her attire needs not reflect the suit and tie that U.S. Presidents wear; she is a public figure who happens to be married to the President. When it is time for her to wear something that compliments the White House, she does. But often times she is simply wearing what makes her feel lovely. You may not like it or agree with her taste (I hate how most past First Ladies have dressed), but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Michelle Obama is an attorney (a well-educated, successful one at that), and it is certain that some of the clothing she currently wears would not be worn in the law office or the courtroom. She is a modern-day Jackie O.

    On her attractiveness: Wow! Michelle is gorgeous. She has flawless skin, a fantastic body, and gorgeous hair.

  15. alice-23900

    that dress at the inauguration was very tacky and had disgraceful taste!!!!!
    shes no fashion plate!

  16. Areyoukiddingme

    I’m not here to write a political commentary, just to comment on the terrible fashion sense and overall appearance of Michelle Obama. Her fashion sense is the worse I have ever seen. If she worked in my office, our boss would have called her in and told her to stop dressing like a wacko. That black and red dress was so unbelievable, I had to pick my jaw off the floor- Speaking of jaws. It is my understanding that in July of 2008 she had her underbite/jaw pulled back in surgery. That is what I have heard. Don’t know if it is true, but if you look at before and after shots, there is something different. Also, she disappeared from the campaing trail for a about a month in summer 2008, and came back with a much softer jaw – It is still scary, but what are you going to do. She has definately had Botox, but so what? Everybody has! Can we stop pretending that she hasn’t had it and move on. Also, I don’t know why everybody is afraid to comment on her terrible fashion taste. It’s is the worse in history. That doesn’t make her a bad person or even a bad first lady. She is unattractive to most people, and the media finds her ugly too, but instead of saying nothing (which would be the appropriate thing to do, because it isn’t really relevant) they over compensate by calling her beautiful when she is an eye sore.

    • Mari H.

      Funny, while watching the historic 2009 Inauguration, I became obsessed with the notion that Michelle, indeed, looked different. I noticed the jaw work right away, and busily searched for info (& older pics) to little avail~think a lotta older pics got pulled off the net. Anyway, tho’ it has been more than 4 years, thanx for confirming my suspicions!

  17. ab

    i guess my first comment did not go through.

    i wondered that the public or media did not comment on michelle obama’s change in her facial expression, definately for the better, her twist in her smile is gone she has an even profile, she definately had something done.

  18. ab

    deffinately see a change in the first ladys facial smile, her smile had a twist before , now it looks like her bite is even or she had some kind of cheekbone implant. Wondered why the public did not comment on beautiful she now looks.

  19. Miguel ~ el Boricua Maravilloso

    Mami is BEAUTIFUL!! She’s a Capricorn and they age in REVERSE. Their skin tends to clear and their features relax as they age. I don’t think this Queen needs any help from you haters here. She’s gorgeous in or out of style. Her exuberance and her strength are noticeable and her love for people REAL. Go, mamita. You are fierce, honey.

    • nANCY

      Tell that to my older brother, who is a Capricorn, and he looks older than the trees. He plays golf too much (in the sun too often) and has drank too much, at least he stopped smoking.

      Horoscopes are horse pucky anyhow, now they say there is a 13th sign and everybody’s has moved over, anyway! sheesh.

  20. passerby_v

    There beautiful people, and she isn’t one of them, and definitely not a fashion icon either. That victory dress was atrocious.

  21. Catherine

    And yes, Nakesha, the fashionable, iconic Obamas will pay your rent and fill your gas tank, too … on hard-working taxpayer’s dollars! It’s amazing what the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For can perform. They’re the perfect Chicago-political-thug Marxists frauds this country needs right now!

  22. Nakesha

    JB no offense but you sound like a straight up hater!!!!!! and she is a fashion icon with great facial features. She din’t have plastic surgery and she does dress very well!!!!! Get a life!! WE LOVE YOU MICHELLE!!!!!

  23. JB

    Fashion Icon???? Seriously, did you see what she had on the night her husband was “elected”?? Wait…fashion Icon?? To whom?


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