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Megan Fox

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Recently Megan Fox put a picture on Facebook in an attempt to stop people saying that she got botox injections. It is true, in the picture you can see that she can move her forehead and everything, indicating that she didn’t have it in that moment, however that does’t mean that she didn’t have botox in the past.

Megan Fox is one of those raising stars that brings a lot of rumours, plastic surgery being one of the most frequent. From breast implants, to liposuction and many facial procedures, many people think that she is all plastic, and comparing older pictures with more recent ones, the difference is big.

Click To Enlarge Megan Fox

In 2009 MTV Video Music Awards we notice how her nose changed from before and during “Transformers”. From a nose with a small bump on her bridge, to the bump free perfectly defined kind of nose, thanks to a rhinoplasty. There are other rumors saying that she got lip injections but even if sometimes her lips show more volume, some lip gloss can achieve this result. Whatever she is using to make that it is not permanent since her lips change volume a lot.


In Jonah Hex premiere, she appear again a lot different, some people think it was the excess of make up, giving her a completely unnatural look, but many think that she got something done.

She is too young to be trying with major procedures such as a face lift, but cheek implants and botox injections are very popular these days and it can achieve a dramatic change on somebody’s face, that could be the answer to her look that night.

About her breasts, they do look very round, but it could be some “tape trick” to go better with her dress, we will keep looking to see if she got breast implants or not.

Check out our Megan Fox Before and After Picture Gallery


369 thoughts on “Megan Fox

  1. breece

    I am a little late coming into this convo but just saw her on Conan and was shocked about how fake she looks. Fake hair, fake lashes, fake lips… fake tan…..everything. She is the exact reason why I got out of Hollywood at 21. I used to date her husband when we were like 16 or 17 and he’s all about the fake. He used to tell me that my lips were too thin… that my nose was too big. I am the one that stopped seeing him because he made me feel bad about myself. Since she’s married to him, I can understand why she’s had so much work done. It’s so sad to me. She was a true natural beauty before, and now she looks plastic and so fake. I’m so glad that I’m out of “Hollywood.” That business will warp your mind.

  2. Rowena Thurston

    it upon themselves to doctor these photos up. As if a celebrity with acne or scars would actually prohibit us from buying movie tickets. Insane.

  3. Katina Lentz

    She didn´t have it in that moment, however that doesn´t mean that she didn´t have botox in the past.

  4. Gabe Asher

    She’s pretty, but the surgeries have stolen her girlish beauty. Now she looks like an attractive older woman with ‘work done’. Sigh.

    • chelle

      I agree plastic surgery made her look older. She should have held on to her natural youthfulness & beauty for as long as she could

  5. Laralucious

    WOW!!! I NEVER make comments on the computer about anyone. I also thought Megan Fox was just that….a fox. I thought her body was perfect, she was in good shape, and she didn’t have to fit the mold of HOLLYWEIRD……another one down. The implants look like….well, just that….implants! No good. She ruined someone else would want for a lifetime. Oh well, to each his own!

  6. der20

    Ah plastic surgery how i wish to understand your genius, making people pay ridicolous amounts of money to look ugly.

  7. peta

    Please, treat fairly to these system dolls and never watch them…Im a woman and I dont like to see half-naked women everywhere…
    Because of this, men want women to look like them…First of all I am a human and I will never sell myself…But the world wants to acclaim such

  8. seyda

    Believe me when I see someone who hates megan fox, I dont feel alone..

  9. Laura Prepon

    Great research on the article… absolutely loved reading baout megan fox’s plastic surgery. She does look a little weird though… She was sizzling hot before she got it.

  10. anonymous

    Some people will say that Megan Fox is ”fake” , some will say that she was better looking before getting the plastic surgery/surgeries. Personally , I believe that as long as she doesn’t regret modification made to her face or body, and that she feels better about herself and feels more confident, puting aside all the features on her body that she didn’t like, then everything seems perfectly fine to me !

  11. mike ryan

    what i’ve noticed about megan is that she always featured bya natural outstanding beauty and sexuality…i know her before transformers and she looked more cute than she was in tfs….i sorted out from her quotes that she has low self esteem issues thinking that all surrounding media is tending to have a beef with her as if she’s a pornstar….but i gotta admit her plastic surgeries totally ruined her natural beauty and made her so artificial and gloomy…it’s ironic like a barbie dol…megan is still young for that kind of surgeries…..may be i’m a guy and dont understand how women minds work,,,,,but whats the point of getting plastic surgeries to adjust or alter ur facial landmarks when u got a natural beauty that every one is envying you for…that doesn’t make any sense….

  12. Ynot123

    For those who think we shouldn’t change how god made us, think about this. What if you were born with big ears, strange nose, webbed toes, or something that wasn’t right and made you uncomfortable? Would you not change it simply because now you would be fake? Or had a caved in chest and implants was the only thing that would make you look normal? what if you finally lost all that weight and had a bunch of extra skin? You just gave birth and your breasts were ridiculously saggy and you were only 18? There’s a lot of different scenarios in which people decide to get surgery. In the end it’s all about how it makes that person feel when they do it. A person can be absolutely beautiful to the world but when they look in the mirror they notice things that bother them and would like to change. It’s unfortunate that they have some issues, but don’t knock on someone else if you have ever said “I wish I could change this about myself” .. Maybe surgeons should have psychotherapy sessions available before and after procedures .. But then again maybe they won’t make as much money.

  13. ILAR

    Plastic surgery can’t give or sustain a person’s happiness but it can bring a minimum of comfortability whether it’s temporary or longetivity, when it comes down to that particular individaul’s raw emotions. Vulnerabilities, insecurities, self-loathing etc.. is what makes a person human and not showing IT, is what makes the person plastic.

  14. vijay Sharma

    Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck

  15. kate

    she may be stunning but shes fake …. natural beauty is so much more attractive her getting plastic surgery just shows shes insecure about her own apperance, if she didnt get the plastic surgery she still would be beautiful and stars like her shouldnt be insercure about there look and the same to the adverage person who can pick out things they would want to change on themselves.

  16. Ses

    She was stunning when she was 18/19. Now she looks like a 40ish woman who’s had loads of plastic surgery. It’s a waste – and I don’t think it’ll help her career either.

  17. BeBenumber9

    im very disappointed. . . why change?? she was so beutiful. just by changeing says shes trying to be like all of those hollywood actorsses. sorry magen but i think you made a mistake buy changing amazing looks.:'(

  18. your all idiots

    Your all stupid….she’s not fake just bc she got all these surgerys maybe that’s what makes her feel beautiful. Go dies ina hole your all jealous and haters!!

  19. Sara

    You know, she could have just gotten one of those five-minute nose jobs that are just injections. That’s what it looks like to me.

  20. fu hollywood

    What a fake tramp. Her attitude makes her ugly too because she thinks she’s hot…what a joke.

  21. Cat

    Seriously, you guys have internet for a reason. Research before commenting. Kim K……..has always had striking features since she was VERY young. No comparison. Although Megan was Cute with beautiful eyes, she wasn’t born looking like the way she does now. She went overboard, and anyone can see that. If you have “known” her for years and don’t believe it, then you’re fucking stupid, or just so stuck up her ass you want to keep her as a “friend”.

  22. Erika

    I think she looked better before plastic surgey, she was pretty, but now she kind of looks like Angelina Jolie who i never liked…. these days younger women think that they don’t look good that they need plastic surgey to look better but it’s not true they look worst unless u go to a good plastic surgeon. One good thing about Megan Fox is that she is a good actress. It sux that she isn’t in Transformers but oh well that’s life.

  23. anonymous

    she is not pretty and never was. she is a fake plastic doll. she cant act worth crap. she needs to keep getting surgery until there is nothing left of her and let some others join her in that such as julia roberts and keira knightly and brad pitt and george clooney and angelina jolie.

  24. Yovek

    Looks like she did have alot of it.. Megan was beautiful the way she was. but now shes just some plastic Barbie. 😐
    Her nose is way thinner than it use to be, her lips fatter.. and something else I jsut can’t place my finger on.. she looks way different from 6/27 07 – 9/9 07
    I swear.. I can sort of understand getting it when you’re like in your 40s/50s.. but at so young.. it’s pretty sad she thinks shes not good enough for the public. She just needed to be herself and stay that way.. she wouldn’t have gotten such negative criticism.

  25. Phopip

    Everyone that say she’s done plastic surgery or whatever, should come over to her fans site and see her candid picture daily (day to day). She always looks the same daily and natural. And yeah, we’ll see all the different if she goes to some event.. meaning, hey it’s just a make up. the next morning…. she’s back to the way she was.. beautiful…..

  26. call me bob

    Oh and you didn’t figure out in a GUY so look at that a guy that doesn’t like megan fox.

  27. call me bob

    seriously people should be grateful for lookin’ fine at first but man what the fck happened I mean do you really think it was worth it fckin’ your entire body up just so people envy fakes like that.

  28. Lady M

    To those claiming they are natural….dying your hair is fake, waxing your pits, lips (up and down;)) eyebrows, legs, that’s all fake. Makeup is fake and maybe I can even stretch to say that whitening toothpaste is fake. All of it changes the natural course your body was taking (ya, that’s right, without the whitening your teeth would probably look nasty). But hell, you wouldn’t take somebody calling you fake, because you’re simply following social norms.

    People have been changing physical appearances for centuries. Aristocratic women plucked their hairlines to achieve large foreheads and men curled their hair into perfect coifs. Why? To please the ideals of beauty! Look at the girls in a 70’s porno, the hair that came out of those women’s pits wouldn’t be caught dead on any modern women.

    So it may not be in your group of friends to get a nose job or cheek implant, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow you and your ideals. To each, to their own! Megan Fox makes me stop and stare so I consider her beautiful (although her acting is garbage). I admire her swagger that implies her confidence. Try worrying about how you feel about yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. To me, that’s unattractive and if it was possible, I would suggest a lift, tuck or implant for a PERSONALITY change any day. 😛

  29. Bec

    i always use to think damn that Megan fox chick is So hot.. But not after i seen her in eminem’s film clip.. I was like damn girl What chu do that to your face for.. I still love her work and love to look at her amazing body but i think she’s gone a little to far this time.. Sorry

  30. duuuuuude

    ive never been attracted to her. she’s not ugly or anything but she just has trailer trash face. her features are … not full enough. she’s just sort of stringy looking, kinda trashy. she looks like she should be standing next to a bus station with a cigarette in her hand and a double baby stroller in front of her, with pants that say JUICY on the ass.

  31. Kendrick

    I dont care what people thinks about her,, She is the same person & she still looks pretty AND sexy and i will always Love her

  32. Ruiner

    Whether she had work done or not I in all honesty never understood the ridiculous reaction she received after she surfaced. Don’t get me wrong she is or was pretty, but as for a goddess? I think not. If I ever got a choice of becoming involved with a female celebrity I would take Marissa Tomei over Meghan Fox anyday w/o even a second thought. I’m not exaggerating at all when I write that even after seeing The Wrestler enough times for me to lose count I am still floored by Tomei’s beauty in it every single consecutive viewing. Reading through some of these comments posted before mine makes me have a bit of empathy for Fox. I mean she isn’t Joan Rivers people, she doesn’t look as if she is wearing a dead person’s face as a mask. If you wanna talk about looking fake I submit Kristen Stewart.

  33. daniela

    i miss the way she looked before! she looked gorgeous :'( she doesn’t look that pretty anymore she looked better in transforners than now. the only thing that she did that was ok was the plastic surgery on her nose, i guess. i miss her beautiful face:)

  34. dd

    People! Quit hating! If you see beauty, admire it! LOL I think she has such beautiful eyes and although sometimes she does look a little too tight in the face, she still looks gorgeous. She is not my top pick for “hottest women alive” but she is definitely gorgeous.

  35. jeniffer marclair

    i[b] think she looks beautifful after a sergery,but the implants are not a good solution:'([removed]void(0);[b][/b][/b]

  36. Lauren

    keep in mind she did do a dramatic part to the right for her hair. She normally has it more centered. I think she has a strange hairline and this could be making her look different.

  37. Megan Fox fake

    The thing that I don’t get about Megan Fox is the nasty things she says like she doesn’t flush,her wardrobe on Transformers always smelled like farts, here’s her exact quote, ” I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.” And comments like this are endless what is she trying to prove except for she’s dirty and disgusting? I don’t trust Megan’s hygiene and I don’t get why any man would want to be with a woman that’s that nasty.


    Just stop being jelaous, shes gorgeus and you dont want to admit it 😛
    If you are prettier than her than you can coment but you are just obviously jelaous.
    name one guy that wouldent date her.. ok there will be someone, but very rare to find.
    now lets name one guy that wouldent date u. lets start from me. i wouldent date you because you write stupid hater
    coments and humiliate a person that you dont even know. thrust me
    if you met her in person like i did, you would realize that when you talk to her you
    wouldent be looking at her breasts, you would be looking at her gorgeus eyes, her perfect smile
    and you obviously dont know what a funny, talented and smart person she really is 😉

  39. Carlos Mc

    She is so really beautiful and pretty, I like her to much. If she wanna give me a chance, i will gona be crazy. I love Megan fox.



  41. ?

    Megan Fox is definitely a gorgeous girl…imo the surgeries enhanced her look and took her from pretty to gorgeous. she has a very exotic look to her and the surgeries brought it out. Jolie has also had a few procedures and imo does not compare to megan fox looks wise. Even in everyday life there are lots of ladies who have had a procedure or two and look amazing. IMO there is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing your look, I personally enjoy the look of breast implants and nose implants over the natural thing because nature is not quite as perfect.

  42. i likecock

    lol oh yeah her eyes they have this surgery where they change your eye color and she has fake teeth too lol my ex girlfriend had the same done it is a awesome procedure but ugh yeah fake fake fake

  43. i likecock

    lol being gorgeous or not she is fake plain and simple for her to have had so much plastic surgery how ugly was she to begin with. I believe in natural beauty. I am hotter than she is maybe you would not say so but that is only because i am all real and i do not have fame and money behind me i am certain i can invest lots of money into my body and make me out do her but then i would just be as fake as she is. What kind of example is she setting for little girls out there that look up to her. I had to invest lots of money to look like this and if you do not you will not have my fame fuck her….yeah i said fuck megan fox. her acting sucks. hand it to marissa tomei that is true beauty did anyone see the wrestler she is older all natural and super fucking hot megan fox go to a gym stop smoking the ciggs and the 2 finger diet you should do well lol ha ha stupid forum i am out…this is lame!

  44. i likecock

    lol being gorgeous or not she is fake plain and simple for her to have had so much plastic surgery how ugly was she to begin with. I believe in natural beauty. I am hotter than she is maybe you would not say so but that is only because i am all real and i do not have fame and money behind me i am certain i can invest lots of money into my body and make me out do her but then i would just be as fake as she is. What kind of example is she setting for little girls out there that look up to her. I had to invest lots of money to look like this and if you do not you will not have my fame fuck her….yeah i said fuck megan fox. her acting sucks. hand it to marissa tomei that is true beauty did anyone see the wrestler she is older all natural and super fucking hot megan fox go to a gym stop smoking the ciggs and the 2 finger diet you should do well lol ha ha stupid forum i am out…this is lame!

  45. Belina Marie

    but she’s fake!
    and her breasts? hahaha. nice, perky, round..fake ;D
    her body? achieved through a personal trainer.
    her nose? hahahahahahahaha

    i mean yeah, she’s perfect (in some guy’s eyes) but honestly anyone can achieve it through plastic surgery(:
    like, im way hotter than her and i’m only 17. transformer’s 5? it’s all me, baby. she’ll be 30 with 4 kids with a loose vagina. and i’ll be strutting my beautiful, tanned body as a NATURAL BEAUTY!
    email me!

  46. keithanne_p

    ..she’s still beautiful..awesome..:D do whatever yah want while ur still alive..every second is very important..cause when ur dead..? no more plastic surgery in heaven again..:)

  47. Kori

    What the fuck people what to get there face done like her, YUCK. she looks like that cat lady now,. who had horrible plastic surgery. Havent you heard of the saying………. Dont fix it if it aint broken……….
    She is not hot anymore………..

  48. jala

    megan fox is so so so cool you lot say she’s a monster
    but she’s not you lot are so sick not all of you gust the people hwo said she lock like a monster
    the rest of you are fine >:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:( for the people hwo said she lock like a monster
    and:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)for the people hwo didn’t put she lock
    like a monster :)>:(

  49. megan fox

    dave said on the 19 of december can you have my baby
    but sory i can’t have your baby I’ve got children all redy
    if i did’t have kids i would have him or her but i’ve got 5
    kids :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  50. saynotoplastic

    Honestly, I was surprised at how different she looked so I googled to see if she had in fact got work done; which I believe she has. I don’t understand why because she was beautiful before. It’s not jealousy it’s shock. Why did you do this to your face Megan Fox? Please explain. I should probably end my comment there but I just want to say this. It’s crazy that she is so young and looks so old. I am currently 27 and I look like I am 22. I have never done anything to my face other then keep it clean and protected from the sun. I thought one of Hollywood starlets key roles are to be relatable to their fans. I am more disturbed by these plastic surgery phonies. It’s hard for me to take them seriously as actors. I wish more celebrities would uphold a natural image. There are plenty of natural products out there that are effective and will keep you looking young and refresh.

  51. Lydia

    megan is hott i gotta admitt very hot but i dont ind her beautifull.. beautifull is like miranda kerr and jessica alba and adriana not hating im just being honest

  52. anna

    DDAMN….. what is the mateer with you ppl you’re just jealous of her ok if she did plastic surgeries so what she’s a celebrity she have 2 …ugh i hate u haterss!!
    u go megan u look so hot and stunn :* !! 8)

  53. denise

    im tirede of all you jealous girls! just cuz shes waaay more beautiful than you. your really some sad people wastin your good life by talkin bout others.

  54. :D

    come on guys leave her alone, she’s very beautiful, plastic surgery or not. To all you jealus girls, take yourself together, really! From the age of 15 to 24 you make changes ofcourse. She got a nosejob and maybe cheek implants, but come on? Breast implants? Have you ever seen how much a push-up bra can do … obviously not! So take yourself together and stop blaming her for your own missing selfesteem!

  55. bri

    i don’t find her attractive in the slightest bit..too much plastic surgery! you’re not even you’re real self you’re happy with what you have!!

  56. ...

    she doesn’t even look the same. who keeps telling these beautiful stars they need that crap? she had real character and depth before, now she looks like the cookie cutter cut out, with the common blowfish lips. before she looked stunning and unique. cant improve on perfection, Megs, why try? stop believing all the bull $hit those yahoos in hollywood are trying to sell you. they only want your money.

  57. cameron

    hi I’m Cameron does Any more ladies wont me ?
    I’f you won’t me you’ve got to comment to me
    remeber if you won’t me you’ve got to comment
    me or talk to me on here if you won’t me I onley
    won’t one porson to love but mack shure you’r
    lovey I’v onley got 4 speling rong because I haveunt ;);););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););)I LOVE YOU GIRLS IM 21 YEARS OLD;););)

  58. Karyna

    [s]u no wat everyone juss STFU!!! cus megan fox is gorgeous. u are all just some lameass jealous biches that cant stand the fact that she is a natural beauty. Theres people out there drooling over kim kardashian and shes a REAL fake!! so leave megan alone. just because you kant have the life she has or her natural beauty u guys are all just hating. so do yourselfs a favor get a life and stop hating cuz no matter wat u say megan is HOT!! im no lesbian but i would so go for her. all this is just rumors that people start from hating too much

  59. ...

    actuaally look up her highschool pics there is no difference shes been hot from highschool till now. rumors are caused by haters who dont have a life

    so shes natural just like the other stars. its only makeup people

  60. weelan

    She was the most beatifull creature I had ever seen, now she looks way too different. I do think Hollywood pressure is a stress that not all appreciate.

  61. Garrett.C

    Hey hope I am a boy and I would never do that .trust me I’ve learned from my old girl friend thatyou should be kind to girls so I am pretty much with you

  62. Garrett.C

    I agree with Babe she’s hot!!! can you blame her . How much do you want to bet that u guys that are writing mean things about her just because your jelouse of her. Your hot Megan Fox .

    2018 cr 3318 give me a visit Megan Fox please if u read this

    Dec. 6 , 2010

  63. Hope

    What is actual “natural beauty” nowadays? I do not respect Megan or any of the celebrities who have had plastic surgery because for one; God made us who were are and we shouldn’t change that because we feel insecure about our imperfections. We all feel that way about our bodies sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you should ruin your body with surgery. Its like a tattoo, that crap is forever. I hate to see people ( MAINLY PATHETIC GUYS) say to girls “your just jealous”. We are simply stating our opinions which we were given the right to do so. Also, we females should be angry at the messages these famously known people are sending. Surgery is NOT beautiful. Fake is NOT natural. This is what our world has come to, fake and more fake. Media doesn’t care about what’s real anymore, its all about selling and making profit. I would have to say because of that fact, being an 18 year female myself, I am saddened and ashamed. No i’m not no fat, stupid or ugly, jealous, no life girl you probably will think I am. I am doing a speech about plastic surgery and how it is bad. I typed in “plastic surgery celebrities” and came to this page for research. Thank you Megan for being apart of my speech on why girls shouldn’t be like you or any other celebrity that has had surgery or are famous for being sex symbols such as yourself. Because of celebrities and the pressure placed on women to be skinny, bulimia and anorexia are the number one leading causes of death among females 17 to 25 and why women are only viewed for sex among men. Its time people get educated. That’s all I have to say.

  64. Liz

    I think she looks pretty but i dont get y she wants 2 look like angelina jolie! and she looks good even b4 the plastic surgery! 😉

  65. Megan

    In that side view image where she is wearing a plunging red v-neck she has a swollen vessel on the side of her forehead. Sign of a migraine.

  66. sunshine

    To be honest i do not care if they had surgery or not. What is it that bothers you all? She is beautiful and if this is what makes her happy than i say go for it. Kim K she is soo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has really mind blowing looks soo I say just be happy for them and the only reason why you react to plastic surgery is either you are simply jealous of how beautiful they r, or you would love to fix few imperfections but cant afford it. She looks natural and i am sure you wouldn’t notice anything if you didn’t look at her old photos… MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!!

  67. Araxi

    Just like Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag her looks I am sure have been bought!! The only difference is Heidi admits it and Kim keeps denying it!! I don’t care what these famous people say they depend on their looks for a living (especially Kim and Heidi because they have no real talent) of coarse they have had plastic surgery and will continue to do so and they have the money to buy the best so they will NOT look like the Mom of those octuplets!!

  68. cobra

    i think it’s sad that people can become so obssesed with a false of a girl they’ll never meet who wears a lot of makeup and has had plastic surgery..and most pics are photoshoped. this is why so many young girls have issues with the way they look..they see that fake celebrities get so much praise and attention that they try whatever they can to look like that. i wish they would understand that what they see is not real before they harm themselves..

  69. carrie

    Megan Fox is the hottest woman alive. If she got plastic surgery, she still looks great, but she didn’t need it. HOT!!:o

  70. fan

    I am not trained in plastic surgery but I can tell even something has been done to her face in general. Yes she was naturally beautiful. Natural beauty that others envied , but when you start looking plastic and weird, that’s not hot. Pretty girls act stupid and over do it. Once that stuff starts happening they seem to look even more circus show than glamourous.

  71. ken

    You guys, give it a rest. Chances are most of the women you claim to b so naturally beautiful have had some surgery done. Especially Hollywood babes. With Megan you can definitely see it, but she is gorgeous IMHO. and what do you mean by “now”? As far as i can remember Megan always looked fake. Still love her.

  72. WTF?

    Classic Hollywood Beauty: Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, [s][/s]Megan Fox[s][/s]…

  73. Stacey

    Yes, I agree Liva, Diana Kruger is very pretty, but she has had a breast augmentation…long time ago too, check out her full frontal nude shot in “Troy” with Orlando Bloom (“Paris” in the movie)….obviously fake! So sorry, she’s not an all natural beauty.

  74. liva

    I don’t think Megan is beautiful. For me real beauties are – Diana Kruger, Abbie Cornish, Natalie Portman, Leticia Casta… They are real, natural beauties. Its sooo sad to watch this obssession with plastic 🙁

  75. travis

    It’s funny how alot of people are sticking up for someone who wouldn’t care if they were dying in front of her very own eyes…get a life

  76. al

    Yeah thought so! Any plain looking girl can make it in hollywood theese days, they’ll just make u look like something ur not. Megans a perfect example of a plain jane (small eyes, goofy teeth and smile, bad skin nothing special) done up with designer make up (dressing room for 4/5 hours) and surgery. So basically shes saying ”hey girls u can all look like this with some help) I mean britt ekland was what u call a naturally beautiful woman, u just dont get women in hollywood like that anymore, britt is the type of woman that women love to hate, bcos unlike megan, she didnt need make up and surgery to be gorgeous and even though she had no surgery, she was still better looking and more natural than megan fox.;D

  77. why bother...

    Some people here sound a little too irked about some meaningless existance (‘uhmmmm omg’ haha not healthy guys). Who cares that much. The fact that a plastic face gets so much attention is weird but I guess the norm these days. Too bad (for her) the popularity is not about anything genuine or unique, beauty or mind.

    Let’s talk about Adriana Lima!!! DAMN. I’m straight and I would go for that. She is literally quite exactly 345 times more beautiful than Miss Megan before her surgery, and I would say 475 times more beautiful after. Miss Lima is quite boring and nothing unique in the mind, but damn is she beautiful (and not even the most beautiful). And she will age beautiful as well. AND at least she is not arrogant like the Mrs. Megan, it’s almost like she lives in a small bubble and see’s only what she wants to. Well the world is huge and full of natural beauties, never mind anything else.

    She is pretty to look at in some photos though I’ll give her that.

  78. .........sigh

    Note…this is coming from a bi girl.

    Personally the girls I find attractive are…well…natural. [aside from make-up,dyed hair, and piercings/tattoos are okay too]
    So I really don’t think she’s that attractive. I mean there are some decent features, [cheek bones, hair] She’s just too much plastic, and unfortunatly….eventually…the media is going to find a new attractive and she’ll be dropped on her bum because she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.
    Really though she’s not all that exotic.
    Lannie Barbie, Odette Yustman, Sasha Grey. [sure two of them are porn stars but take away Lanni’s breasts and your pretty damn close]
    Are three females that look A LOT like her.
    Not to mention the fact that she says she’s bi but hates women….but I guess you can be a guy and hate women as well but still want to sleep with them.
    I can understand why people would LOVE her. Like Marilyn Monroe she’s a sex symbol and that’s what people eye as ‘ideal’ for a female figure. But really….if you do physical research on her both positive and negative…she’s not very nice…
    It just sucks that it goes down to the point where beauty is everything, brains and talent are not…until you reach the age of wrinkles. But that’s where you just do a nip/tuck correct?

  79. Spread the sickness

    Um u girls probably don’t like Megan fox b/c she’s hotter than u srry girls I called em as I see em MEGAN ur hot that’s everything I have to say and SPREAD THE SICKNESS DISTURBED!!

  80. Just a normal High schooler

    i completly hate Megan Fox, yes shes beautiful, but if you put her out in the sun too long then she’ll melt. im a 15 year old girl, and people like megan fox are the people f***ing up our lives, thanks to fake people like her all the guys think thats the norm and all girls should look like barbie, us girls have no idea what to do other than starve ourselves, plaster ourselves in make-up and do all we can to like up to plastic perfection. it is wrong, the girls are no jealouse of her, to me i actually think she looks scary like shes contsntly pissed of or constapated and like shes going to bite someones head off

    i would also like to take note, who the hell in their right mind would want her as a girlfreind, she would constantly need you to inject her with botox, youd have to be carful dureing sex so her butt implants dont slip out of place and put up with constant boreing conversations, all bassed are her vain self. if she is really insucure about herself i hope it rots her and she finnaly realises the thing she looks at each morning in the mirror isnt anything close to human.

    so this is me makeing a plea for all younge girls and women out there, look at the plastic and realise that thats all it really is plastic, its never gonna be the mother of your children, careing and loveing, your wife, your best freind, your daughter, innocent and playful. i feel most sorry for megan fox’s father, he lost his child that day the knife was put to flesh.

    im just a fifteen year old teenager and i can already see the horrible effect that people like her are having on children today, i just hope too many little girls dont end up killing themselves trying to be plastic perfect.

    if anyone want to argue with me, my msn is, and my face book is Rebecca Honey Bean Settle.

  81. Michelle

    Megan Fox is beautiful NO MATTER WHAT:-*
    Although, i do think she looked better before the surgery. She was born beautiful, and honestly took away some of her natural beauty with surgery. It’s sad, but either way i adore her, and she will allways be gorgeous to me;D[i][/i]

  82. Michael

    I think Megan is absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure why I fancy her so much but there is definitely something about her and if she’s had something done to her to achieve that then I really don’t care. Megan you’re gorgeous.

  83. Cota

    The reason why ppl don’t like her is not cause she is fake all around with her lipo, butt implants, breast implants, a nose job, cheek implants (w.e u call it), and her lip injections. but because she is soo stuck up. her quote “everyone wishes they could be me” um no they don’t. I like myself the way i am. and She looked so much better before the surgery. she actually looked like she ain’t all bout her. obviously she is very insecure or she wouldn’t have gotten all that surgery. so don’t be calling ppl insecure cuz they don’t like her, cuz her prettiness isnt the reason they don’t like her. it’s her attitude and and how she reacts to others and the fact that she wasn’t comfortable enough with herself that she had to completely redo herself pretty much. and ik there are others who do it too. alotta famous ppl get plastic surgery but it’s their attitude/ personality that makes ppl dislike them not because they got surgery. so ya’ll thinking you know shit.. STFU. ur prob the ppl that think ur the greatest looking person ever, and snooty. that’s why you don’t see why ppl don’t like ppl like this. k thanks. why don’t ya talk to ppl bout why they don’t like her b4 u open ur mouth. megan fox lets it known bout her surgery so pretty much telling young girls that r her fan if u don’t like urself the way u r, get surgery to look better

  84. whatever...

    hahahahhahaha omfgggg she looks like donald duck wow she looks old! well i guess is normal too have many plastic surgery when u have money, but seriously….. that is extreme!! sorry but u ugly look at jessica alba she’s a natural pretty!

  85. dont like her ur gay

    all i have to say @ girls who dont like her is just trying to make themself feel good about themself, by talking about her make them feel good, to many people will disagree with you it only satifies urself for a while them you will hate your life and btw go get a life and stop talking about her not like anyone going to listen to u pest…

  86. hahahahaha

    america is fascinated with troubled *******, crying as they look in the mirror crazed about their face. jealous? of a fake face? please missy. this fake fad will pass just like the rest.

    people that do plastic surgery forget that they look scary as they age, the time when you really need to preserve your youth.

  87. trees

    She was very pretty once before, but that is gone. she is simply not beautiful anymore, that is not how she really looks. even to think hmmm pretty, but i see regular girls just as beautiful if not more, but it’s natural! natural beauty is just real beauty. image is just meaningless, trite.


    who the **** cares. in the end all you guys re still gonna worship them, buy all their products, watch their films and read about their lives. get the **** over it. plastic surgery in LA in like having a tan in the jersey shore.

  89. Megan Fox fake

    Ugghhhh omg she is so fake it’s a fact that she had lip injections,it’s true she fixed her bump on her nose with rhinoplasty and it’s also true she had breast implants and fake tans.Before she was pale with freckles she hides her pale skin and freckles through tan and a sh*t load of makeup.She really makes me mad because I hate fake people.She is too fake on the inside as well as outside. She called Micheal Bay Hitler,she says girls don’t like her cause they’re jealous,and she says very stupid things that I’m a tranny and then she goes and says something like I’m smart.Are you kidding me? She’s a self-centered witch.The fact that she goes around declaring herself to be the prettiest and envied all the time is just crazy to me she has so,so many female fans she takes all that for granted and basically insults the audience and her fans by selling fake stories about her bisexuality and the fact that people are jealous of her.Megan,you look so fake you look like a plastic barbie doll and not in a good way you look so fake that you remind me of wax statues.>:(

  90. catherine

    megan fox was soo pretty before she ever started plastic surgery, she probly does it because she thinks that she is getting older and wants to look young forever. i think the cheek botox was the worst, the rest is perfecto if she hadnt of done the cheeeks she would be more beautiful!! 🙂
    anywaaay its her life she can do what she wants she will be beautiful either way 😛

  91. aleks the mops

    i think she has something done with her face.but i don’t know exactly what.she was beautiful and attractive “before” but now she’s just another babe in hollywood.she doesn’t need so much plastic stuff, she doesn’t need nothing plastic.i think she has good attitude.

  92. Salean

    Megan fox was gorgeous before, it was alright when she got her nose and breasts done because most women do. She went a little extreme when she started filling her cheeks, her lips etc. Megan fox should stop doing things to herself because she was very pretty before more then your average woman. Still though it’s up to her it’s her body and theres nothing more i can say.

  93. GIANNA

    OMG, what is she doing to herself?? She’s a natural beauty who needs NOTHING done!! That picture of her with her side part and in the red dress shows she’s had something done – her lips look even different and they were full enough to begin with. Also, there looks like there a huge vein or wrinkle running verticle down the side of her forehead in that top picture (wearing red dress with hair parted on side) – and it looks like she may have had lower cheek injections so that her face looks fuller around the bottom. I think this kid has a lot of problems….about her looks, about a lot of things…too much obsession, the poor girl.

  94. jing

    oh wow some people will believe any thing. mean didn’t have any surgery too look more beautiful she doesntch t need too maybe she had a rhinoplasty for a deviated septum. that i could believe. but all the other rumors i wont believe the thing on her forehead isnt a scar its a vein if u watch the interview on jonah heck u will see. and the rest of her face is just over powerd by too much foundation witch gives her face that stiff look and her cheeck bone makeup is angled higher than usual like those 80 stars back in the day. and she doesnt usually where so much make up if any so of course her wearing this very bold make up will look very dramatic ecpescially when u pair it with her beautiful jet black hair and a bold red lip. gosh cant a girl try a different look with out everyone freaking out and spreading rumors and maybe her thinner look is due to all the hard work she did in her new movie. she did do fight scences and a lot of jumping and running and maybe that took a toll on her . all these rumors need to stop

  95. Linsey

    I love Megan fox i think she’s beautiful anyway. whoever talks shit about her is just jelous i love you Megan keep doing what you’re doing girl you’re awesome!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Visitor

    I think she was ok to to get the (possible fracture) bump removed from her nose and implants, but it’s a little concerning how dissatisfied she is with her looks and may actually now be ruining them :-/ Hopefully it’s not permanent and she won’t do anything else. I don’t think people should be nasty about her; they don’t know her or what she’s like inside or how depressed she might actually be to keep doing such risky things. Normal people do things to perfect themselves and make themselves happier….. unfortunately money can allow you to go to extremes. I’m sure megan will be looking lovely again soon.

  97. estephanie

    she really is obseesed with her self its sad !she tht young and already gettn plastic surgery!she looked better without it bt now she look fake bt it matches her personality!!!!!!!!!

  98. TaleiJoy

    😛 megan fox has had work done you so can tell .. shes just covering up the botox and the breast implants.. everyone thinks shes all natural and say its the way the photos have been taken .. thats a load off *****!!!
    and she is prego people just dont want to face the fack thats shes going to get FAT!!!;D;D;D

  99. Heather

    OMG…Megan Fox was hot enough before…she didnt need to do anything…she was perfect the way she was…(natural beauty) Too bad because now she looks weird!!

  100. Pera

    Megan Fox is so awesome, I really like her a lot! No matter what she did, she looks great!

    [b]Love you Megan![/b]


    yeah look at the pictures and start changing of pic… in one were she is with the red dress you can see a mark – scar on her forehead

  102. Ali

    It has to be the makeup. Open the pictures and compare the last two. She usually goes for a more natural look and the blush totally makes her cheeks look fake. Also, her eyes were lined differently too. Angle the liner just a little differently and you have a whole new eye shape. Try it some time and see. I suggest doing before and after dramatic makeup sessions just so you can see what I mean. Might be fun… 🙂

  103. Renee.

    i don’t know why someone as beautiful as her would go off and ruin her face. she had such a complex feature. but what she did is all set and done. she can’t do anything about it to reverse it. as long as she keeps making money, then that’s not a problem. it’s her life and her body and she’s in charge of it. no one should get in the way of her decisions.

  104. Stephanie

    She is really trying to be Brad Pitt’s wife now she is Angelina Jolie’s clon! Seems like she went to the doctor with a picture of her and said “i want this , this and definitevely this” and the result…well you ve seen that.

  105. Tobie Marie G.

    OMG! I can’t believe this chick would do what she did to her face! I mean, she is not anywhere near a monster, but I can totally see the differences in her face. She looks 10 years older. She should have quit at Transformers 1. I thought she was GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL and all that. What a bummer. She completely took the youth out of her face.

  106. briana w.

    I hope she doesnt look scary in the future, but i dont why she did that but thats her business so i cant judge on that and she can do anything she wants to do with her body theres nothing wrong with that, as long as shes still doing a GREAT JOB!!!!, making money,living her life,and not quitting hollywood,NOBODY IS PEERRRFFFFEEEEECCCCCCT!!!
    i really love her personality its pretty interesting,love her style and movies 🙂
    YOU GO MEG!!!! 😉 🙂 😀 ;D

  107. Si

    I just think its really sad that someone who is already beautiful would go and destroy their face like she did…Clearly there is something wrong with her mentally. There were no features on her face that warranted altering. She had nice bone structure, a great nose and full lips already. She’s really lost her mind. Shes gonna look like Michael Jackson if she keeps this up.

  108. Bianca

    Megan is hot but she is not even compared to Angelina Jolie ,Angelina is not the most beautiful women either , she had couple of plastic surgery but she is way better thenMegan in every way

  109. realist

    factory producing….
    thats hollywood they dont just produce movies they produce actors which got to stand out of the crowed…billions of ppl walking on earth never passed by anyone on the street which looks like this …so what does that tell us ….nobody looks like this naturaly…only with a lot of help you can reach perfection just how they want it dot

  110. !

    who cares if shes had plastic surgery she is gorgeous and even if she did it has nothing to do with anyone anyways, and as for saying she looks fake she hardly cakes the black eye makeup on like katie price!

  111. Marie

    How to make a women look like Megan Fox.
    Find a average attractive women.
    Add fake tan.
    Plastic surgery.
    false eyelashes.
    Quality make up.
    personal trainer
    Expensive clothes.
    Hair Extensions.
    Breast implants.
    And now you have the most beautiful and dime a dozen plastic woman.

  112. Heidi Montag

    Megan Fox plastic surgeries list: Brow lift; Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery, look how smaller they are now) Top lip injections; Cheek liposuction; Jawline recontouring; Mandibular (jaw angle) implants; Cheekbone implants; Nose job. For those of you harping on Heidi Montag, this woman here is the other Heidi Montag, never compare her to Angelina Jolie, she’s just a wanna be!

  113. Dan

    Yo she is definetly plain out hott!!!!! nothing else end of story she could probably get a bunch more surgeries and still be fine! Damnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got you megan! 😉

  114. cymba

    You have to remember photos can be touched up too. The differences in her nose are only subtle and the bumps not gone in every new picture. She doesn’t look “fake”, she’s just one of the few blessed women out there that naturally (or because she has the money to take care of herself) has the figure and face a lot of women want.

  115. Grace!

    Grace Kelly most beautiful woman ever!!! Also Elizabeth Taylor: natural beauties. I do not judge people with plastic surgery but there is a limit. I do not like Megan Fox at all, however she has beautiful eyes and a great body.

  116. Cruisin

    I have no problems with celebrities or anyone else undergoing the knife; but please let’s stop glorifying them for their beauty. No wonder young girls around the world have so much low self esteem. They feel as though they can’t measure up to celebrities.

  117. yeuck

    yeuck. i dont know why anyone could call that beautiful. she looks like a fake plastic alien.

    for a plastic tranny-ish look, yeah she’s “hot”. but.. thats disgusting.

  118. Mariah

    It is amazing how unhappy Megan was with her looks that she became obsessed with trying to look like Angelina Jolie. I don’t particularly like either women’s tattoos or lips. But I thing Angelina is the original an Megan of course wants to be like her so much as her. Nice try Megan! But you are still under the shadows on Angelina. ;D 🙂 😉 😀 ;D >:( 🙁 😮 8) :- :-* :'(

  119. kate


  120. lifeisbeautiful

    all i got to say is dont get her to close to the fire she might melt seriously. pretty soon she is going to be all plastic no one is ever satisfied with the way they look, she is just going to get more and more done till she is like micheal jackson. lets see she had lip injections, fake nose, cheek implant, still tiny tit implants, botox, and she even has eyelash implants who does that? sorry but barbie is not the hottest girl in the world or the smartest or the nicest. im still trying to figure out why she has a bad attitude she has everything she want yet still tries to get more publicity by talking trash behind ppls backs.

  121. Aus

    she’s as sexy now as was before.some marks on face doesn’t make any sence.her personality and look is perfect.I like the way she is.And I love her thumb finger : ) it shows,that we all have some thing which is not perfect.

  122. Kendra'Andree Cardinal

    Wow, i think megan fox is beautiful and always was! even before plastic surgrey ! shes morre real then any of these other skaanks !! Fck plastic surgrey , forget about that people its her andd her body she could do whatevr she likes with it!! igot your back megan! hehe ; ifeel dumb , but ya.
    xoxo; KaayCee.

  123. yomomma

    Okay, so whoever said there is natural beauty like Marilyn Monroe….

    Not many people know this, but Marilyn had a nose job in the late 1940’s. It was a few years before she became a really world famous sex symbol/actress (if I remember correctly, it was right before or right after she filmed the Asphalt Jungle). She had a really bulbous nose and had lumps of cartilage removed from the tip as well as having a slight bump shaved off the top of her nose to make it look smaller. She also had something done to her jawline and had a surgury done to correct an overbite. I learned this while doing a reasearch report on her (she is my all time favorite actress) for school a few years back. Her surguries are one of the reasons people couldn’t automatically identify her when her nude calender photos from the 1940’s turned up in the mid 1950’s.

    But I don’t think this makes her any less of a beautiful, extrordinary woman. Even though she had a few cosmetic surguries, she still has a very natural and innocent look about her.

  124. bryony

    their is hardly a difference she is hot before and after she didnt need the plastic surgery but i give it too the plastic surgeon 🙂 and i cant believe people are actually saying that she isnt hot just because she had a boob job and her nose done big deal there are celebs out there that do a lot more, who ever is saying that shes not hot then clearly you need to look at her picture a bit more carefully and maybe its all down to jealousy i love her in her new movie (jennifers body, transformer 1 and 2 ) xx

  125. hazuki

    i liked her better before. she was “conventionally” beautiful and now she’s just “hot” beautiful. but she really didn’t need it and it’s no big deal. she’s beautiful either way

  126. suzanna

    all hollywood stars do plastic surgerie’s.big or small.megan is more sexy than beautiful.but i think that she is so different in every picture of her!she is changing all the the time sometimes look sweet and girly and other times looks like wild,sometimes very old like 38 year old and sometimes like 20!and sometimes she is like anjelina jolie!i’m complicated!who is she?

  127. tam

    you know what they say you can call anybody pretty but it takes depth to call them beautiful.
    shit man… i used to think megan fox was totally hot BUT she is not. She’s not beautiful. Not pretty and to be honest i dont think she ever was. she’s just a woman who got too obsessed with angie and the plastic surgery she had was perfect.
    megan is nothing but a ‘trashy hollywood’ and believe me she is another paris hilton.
    hate me or love me. i really dont care. i thought plastic surgery was out there for people who had serious health problems. i didnt think it was for superficial idiots like her. and too think young girls all over the world look up to her. for godsake get a grip. megan fox is UGLY. and i am not jealous. In fact at least i know im not superficial and plastic. oh yeh and she doesnt have a figure!!! its like a stick with over sized apples on it.

  128. visitor

    Personally I think she broke her nose and had it fixed (probably slightly improving on what nature gave her, but it’s not like cosmetic surgery is an exact art, and you’d choose better rather than worse any day wouldn’t you).

    I fractured my nose when i was a child. I’ve had septo-rhinoplasty to improve my breathing and remove the fracture damage. Now my nose is more like what nature gave me then when it was fractured. People need to stop assuming that anyone who has cosmetic surgery is fake.

    Also people are taking the title of ‘Most beautiful woman in the world’ too seriously. Beauty is subjective and besides that they haven’t scanned the whole planet yet and found me (joke). The most beautiful woman in the world, if there could be one, is probably unknown to the media and living a happy life away from the critics!

    Everyone should do what they need to do to be happy. Megan is gorgeous, and her best assets are her eyes which nature gave to her.

  129. CrystalsPearls

    I just got my breasts done; and Im loving life and myself more.

    I think her Dr is Garth Fisher of Beverly Hills, CA

    I’m heading there to get my bump down too.

    When surgery is done right ; all it does is inhance what you already had.

    rather it be to make money $$$$ BIG PLUS or HELLO self esteem.

    I’m so proud of Megan ……… She needs to earn a living and it so happens to be in front of a camera. I’m sure that it made her notice the little things that bothered her before about her profile even more so.

    Angelina Jolie is real; just great looks that came form her Mom & Dad.

  130. C P


  131. brittanie

    she is trying to be angelina jolie. she is pretty though, i wont deny it but she is all plastic and i hate her lip injections. she only got attention after surgery.

  132. Sad World

    For some reasons, I feel so much better to see that there are many people here who know better about real beauty and not superficial one. It makes me feel sad that there are people who seriously think that people should get plastic surgery to feel good about themselves..There is nothing wrong about feeling good about yourself but it has nothing to do with how you comes from sounds cliche but it’s very true.. People should understand that look itself doesn’t mean the doesn’t even stay with you forever…it doesn’t give you any values to your mind and soul. Instead of plastic surgery, you need to control your mind.. you need to understand the concept of inner beauty and learn to love yourself and others.. Plastic surgery might make u feel better about urself for a short short while but when u’re aging, u will need more surgery to feel good again and again..This is never ending and in deed is a problem and an unneccessary depression that you created..paid for it. People like Megan Fox is actually unfortunate that she is a victim of the media..people are brainwashed to admire the artificial beauty that means nothing..and she has to suffer physically and mentally to get the praises from them when inside, she knows she never was the Megon Fox today from the start.

  133. Jane

    Oh, I can not believe that someone can be blind as Simon91!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rumour is one thing but picture another. One more thing, you can not be jealous on plastic, that is pathetic . With couple thousands Carla del Ponte can be the most beautifuul woman in the world!

  134. cindy

    Its sad, she was perfect the way she was, she’s so young to have had all that surgery done to her face, what is she going to do when she’s older? she’s going to have to keep that up, its alot to live up to… I feel its unfair to call her he most beautiful woman, yes Megan is beautiful, but shes not real, she was made to look that way. There are women all over the world that would kill to look like her, but in actuality Megan doesn’t look that way

  135. Eileen

    And i think this site needs to update is pictures…… she looksdifferent compared to your after pics….she’s had even more surgery since then. Did you see the pics from this years Teen Choice awards? She looked terribly plastic, her natural lines in her face are gone now too. Boob job, 2 nose jobs, lip enhancers, chemical peel, jaw re-shaping, botox. She is obsessed with perfection, being voted the hottest woman in the worls really got to her head. I dont think she thought anyone would notice, its like looking at a completely different person

  136. Eileen

    She has had so much done, she looked perfect after the first surgery, then she looked manly, not she looks boring, and her natural feline looking face is completely gone. As she ages, she will find more and more wrong with her appearence, and will continue to change it. I cant believe she has had so much done. When i first saw transformers i was amazed, i thought she was the perfect teenage girl in a movie, she was so gorgeous and just……beautiful!!. Stupid stupis stupid. So so dissapointing Megan. I truly hope she regrets it. Pefection is boring.

  137. Meg

    Megan Fox is amazing!! Such a vixon… If she looked like a cookie cutter playboy model (not a bad thig either) y’all would criticize her for being generic. It takes courage to be open about plastic surgery in hollywood. I think she looks amazing and more pwer to her!!

  138. me

    she’s not beautiful, she’s just sexy. porn-star looking girl, short with short legs. believe me, in some european countries you wouldn’t even notice her in the crowd, because you would be overwhelmed by so many naturaly beautiful and stunnig girls.

  139. Beyond the fouth dimension...

    “You should see some of the gorgeous ladies I do karate with. After class, red in the face, sweating, flat hair, etc., we are a million times sexier that this idiot on her best day!”

    I believe that. This is two-dimensional beauty, made for photographs and film. But how much of what we actually see of human beauty can really be captured in such media–proportion, maybe, but not beauty. Think about it, who decides in real life that a person is attractive based upon thier outer image? Its an energetic thing. All the people I’ve seen with Obvious plastic surgery (face lift, nose job, boob job, etc.) have had really repulsive looking auras. Plastic surgery isn’t about beauty, its about marketing an image to the masses–most of whom are too damn stupid see, or to even appreciate that there is a difference.

  140. naguib

    She didn’t get that much surgery you guys, lip injections go away over time and SO many people get nose jobs (my mom got one when she was 16 [which means it was many years ago] because it was quite common in jewish communities; which is sad but it’s the truth) I think if there is something on your face that bothers you and you have the money then CHANGE IT! I have a friend who recently got double eyelid surgery and she feels better about herself, isn’t that what is important? Seriously, boob jobs are really common too!! It’s not like she got cheek implants and jaw implants (they do exist) and fake teeth. She got some very basic surgery that made her look different, but still beautiful. Honestly, I think the biggest difference in her before and after pictures is the way they did her hair and especially her eyebrows, they are now much thicker and frame her face, she looks much more sultry and sexy. I

  141. Jessie

    I hate when people call her hot…even her body. She is so fake!!!!

    I think she looked SO gorgeous before all the plastic sugrery and the boob job!

    It disappoints me that people as pretty as her have to get surgery to feel good about themselves.


  142. Manaus

    Okay, people. I can’t deny I thought she looked HOT when I first saw her, but then I realized she’s all made of plastic. She doesn’t even look like her former self and she looked just fine. I think it’s just pathetic, look how much plastic surgery she had already done and how young she is… And I don’t think she will stop until she looks like a total freak and I can notice something different about her every month… Okay, do the plastic surgery, but at least admit it.

  143. not me

    [b]Yes, do everything you could to look good, people laugh at you when you spoil yourself, because they like to see you suffering from stupidity, flying money for surgery and maintenance, stupidity again, depress for the consequences, stupidity again, insincere friends and bf that loves perfectness even though it’s fake, if you are ugly, no one wants you, stupidity again, knowing you’re gorgeous because you created yourself, not from nature, and stupidity again and again.[/b]

  144. me

    [b]Hello guys! can’t you guys even think? she is beautiful before and even after! the difference is whether its natural or not! The question is, do you guys prefer to look natural or fake? A not-so-beautiful lady around your block can do a plastic surgery and look instantly beautiful, anyone can do that.. But, for the quality (natural quality) it’s super low! if you choose a chicken in the grocery store, do you prefer the organic ones or the ones that they use to inject growth hormones, antibiotics and stuff? Think of the hint I’m giving you! God had created us, just the way we are. We are all beautiful in our own way! Maybe a surgery can boost her self esteem and stuff, but she can’t lie to herself. If I was her, I totally would be depressed and if i am her mother, I can’t recognize my child. Who is this girl, she doesn’t look like my daughter.. Moreover, its pity for ladies to permanently change their appearance more on the sake for other people. she can get the “sexiest lady in the world after surgery”, not for “sexiest lady in the world” alone. Many people spoil themselves and I and others are happy not to do so. I have never been jealous to people like her because anyone can do that…as long as you have many. I have a friend that lives in a village and she is superbly pretty! That’s what I call natural beauty. Megan fox, I’m sorry, just be yourself. I feel pity to those who agree to you to do so. And a big pity for you wearing permanent masks just to impress others. OMG. [/b]

  145. Lee

    I am personally not a Fox fan,I am 24yrs old and have had plastic surgery (breasts) but personally she is going to far… Whether people think she is attractive or unattractive is not the point,the point is that you cant tell if she can act simply cause her face does not change-she is emotionally unchanged through out the entire transformer 2. With surgery comes commonsense – sadly for such a young girl she has not noticed when enough is enough!!
    I think that when she first made minor changes she looked great,perfect in fact. Now is a different story. She oozes porn star rather than the elegance she should portray. And yes i agree alot of girls say she is ugly,fake blah blah cause they are jealous but please come on given the chance (and cash) every girl,or male for that matter,would redesign them self. Its a animal instinct to want to chase perfection. In my little opinion Megan needs to STOP with any more procedures,let her hair out,try and smile,leave her lips alone and lay off the make up-just tone it done. Lets hold our breath and hope she targets elegance and drops the trash!!!

  146. Jen

    She’s had cheekbone and chin implants. Her facial structure looks different. A nose job as well, and lip enhancement (it’s not just gloss, because the shape of her upper lip is changed). I don’t think she deserves acclaim for her beauty because of that fact. It made her face radically different. I’m sure there are more people that would be beautiful if they had the money and were willing to undergo that. She was pretty to begin with, but not anything special. It’s good plastic surgery, but it’s fake.

  147. Juan Facundo Gómez

    Creo es hermosa y que no necesitaba la cirugía, pero eso depende de cada uno, si para ella era importante
    y se siente mejor ahora, entonces me parece bien.

  148. Breanna

    and you live once, might as well do whatever you want, including get surgery. if she ends up looking retarded then fine by me

  149. Breanna

    wow you guys are retarted if you think she didnt get a boob job. hahaha. have you seen nude pics of her? her breasts went from SMALL to BIG. you guys are just too obsessed with another hamburger-lips wannabe

  150. NOYB

    She looks pretty much the same before and after I don’t see a big difference she looked fine before too. She is really pretty

  151. Lainey

    Angelinas hair colour is fake in case nobody has noticed.. she is a natural blonde… idiots. And dyeing your hair does not make you fake, all women do it

  152. Lainey

    Angelina Jolie has had multiple platic surgeries. You are blind if you cant see the MAJOR difference in her nose, and her chin implant and eye lift. Its a shame because she had pretty round eyes until he had them stretched to achieve an almond shape. her nose was awful before, its cute now.

    Megan is a natural beauty(Angie too) who only got a slight bump removed.. it barely existed to begin with. And when I saw her she didnt have lip gloss on and her lips were the same size as they used to be.. but hmm maybe she did get lip fillers, no big deal. At least she didnt mess with her face shape.. thats so messed up. She also did not get a boob job. Her breasts are not very large at all, perfect for her body shape.

  153. Haven

    you guys don’t understand! most of us here that are saying that she was more beautiful before the surgery REALLY MEAN IT! meaning that her face was more attractive and exquisitely physically beautiful when she had that little tiny bump in her nose and before she plumped up her already voluptuous lips to the point that she looks like barbie or whatever term you want to use. we as women are not jealous! just the opposite, what we are saying is that well…maybe we are jealous but we would be even MORE jealous if she had not had surgery and was as exquisitely beautiful as she used to be. we are saddened that such beauty has been ruined forever, even beyond our jealousy. of course I do not have the perspective of a heterosexual male in terms of taste of beauty but I am somewhat bi-curious and can appreaciate beauty in a woman as well as anyone I think. Plastic surgeons do not yet have the artistic expertise of God when it comes to creating beautiful faces. sometimes people are really born ugly and a plastic surgeon may be able to improve that. but all too often lately people that are born beautiful that have some small difference in feature from what is somewhat arbitrarily considered “conventional beauty”, go under the knife, and LESSEN their all truth and honesty.

    Jennifer Gray did it first in the 80’s. some may not agree that she was that beautiful to me she was, especially before the surgery..but you must agree Ashley Simpson was incredibly beautiful (in my opinion as beautiful or maybe more beautiful than her sister) before her nose job, then she got rid of the slightest bump, a little bigger than Megan’s old bump, but very very slight all the same, but which was essential to the natural beauty of her face…how her whole face was put together. And now, yes, she is still beautiful, just not as beautiful and sexy as she was before, which is a shame but it was her choice. Jewel Kilcher (the singer, otherwise known as just Jewel) also has a slight “bump” on her nose, she has never had surgery and many people (even if they can’t stand her chick music, lol) find her incredibly incredibly beautiful. Mind you this is not like she has some huge schnoz like gonzo. I’m focusing on noses here but i’m sure this applies to other facial and even body features.

    so I just want to assure you that most of was when we say we preferred her “natural” and it’s a shame…we are not vengeful jealous women, but are actually genuinely saddened at the loss of beauty …and in fact we are reacting from a purely purely horribly shallow point of view, as shameful as that may be….although yes additionally it would be nice to work on our culture that people would not think they had to go under the knife to be beautiful, but like I said for some people it is actually helpful and if they want to take that risk, maybe it is worth it. however it is a shame to essentially cut away God given beauty no matter how shallow that may be. and it is all a part of some mass body dismorphic disorder…or else a whole bunch of us just have very very different taste, but I do not think so..I of course think I am right…ha ha.

    Megan is still incredibly beautiful, still prettier than me (just not as pretty as herself a few years ago), and yes I admit I’m jealous, but I have nothing against her, wish her the very best.

  154. Franco

    She was beautiful way before she had anything done.She did not have to do anything to herself and she blew away most girls in the world.She still looks beautiful and not much different at all.At least she has not done anything drastic.

  155. al

    Do you see Angelina posing half naked for FHM?…NO!! Cause she doesnt need to look trashy to be sexy. Anyway she is too classy for FHM. Anglelina is high fasion material not commercial plastic porn. Never date a guy who likes megan fox as it shows he likes cheap, easy women. Date a guy who likes natural beautys like angelina or liv tyler stick with him as it shows he wants more than sex and he wants a real natural women who has more about her personality.

  156. al

    There is the commercial women like : EVA LONGORIA, MEGAN FOX, HAYDEN, ELISHA CUTHBERT, CHERYL COLE.
    when men say they fancy them as really they believe they are not out of their league, as they are the type of girls who were not always very pretty and they wont look as good in the morning. Commercial women are sexy and need air brushing, surgery and very good make up to look pretty.

    And there is the obvious natural beauty’s like : ANGELINA JOLIE, SOPHIE LOREN, MARYLIN MONROE, CATHRINE ZETA.
    Who men feel threatened by natural beautiful faces and feel as though they are out of their league. Trust me men are just as insecure as women in the looks department. Sometimes natural beauty’s are too good looking for guys so they never bother saying they like them and don’t bother trying to tell them know they fancy them as they feel they wont get anywhere anyway and it is pointless.

  157. al

    Sometimes she is sexy but yet sometimes she looks plain. Especially when she was 19 she looked very plain and her looks have dramatically changed since then, which is quite impossible. Angelina Jolie was stunning even when she was 18 and Megan wasn’t and why is that people… cause she isn’t a natural beauty.

    You all need to watch the film GIA with Angie and you will understand what natural and striking beauty really is. Lets stop being deluded about it and admit that Megan is nice out of an average looking bunch who has she too compete with?? Scarlett with the big nose, eva Longoria with the fake tan and rat looking face or Jessica Beil with the horse like face. Or shall i say Jessica Alba who is very over rated. Women were better in the old days when there was Sophie Loren, Marylin Monroe, Britt Eckland and Bridgett Bardoe.

    But You will all know what i am talking about When u see Angie in her prime in the movie GIA. She looked her very best in that film. Megan boring and commercial compared to Angelina in GIA her stunningly beautiful, model looking face affected me for a weeks. 😮 ;D

  158. Sam

    The plastic surgery on her nose is definatly true. Kinda makes me feel better, i have a slight bump on my nose too, but i don’t mind too much, i like my nose. Megan Fox is absolutly beautiful with make up, but i bet she’s still pretty decent with out. Beautiful woman.

  159. Chante

    Her lips have always been naturally plump..just look at all of her photos..past and current. Lip gloss or lipstick does the trick..I would know because my lips look waaaay plumper when I put on lipstick carefully. Her breasts are small..and she probably wears a pushup bra. So stop saying she’s had a boob job. Nothing about her jumps out as being FAKE. she’s naturally beautiful and a lovely person. she’s never in the tabloids for bad things. people just want to pick on her because she’s gorgeous.

  160. Safka

    yes shes beautiful, but hello, it’s FAKE? that’s like staring at a painting of a flying horse and saying “shit, that’s amazing.” IT’S NOT REAL PEOPLE. Get a grip. She was much better when she was naturally gorgeous. Now she’s just another barbie, for being narcissistic and self-absorbed enough to try to achieve perfection through artificial means. Way to go.

  161. m

    Okay, first of all, she is beautiful… pre-surgery, that is. Now, she looks like your typical, garden-variety Hollywood diva. Ho-hum. In any case, the people who assume that everyone is just “jealous”, because they are not buying this stupid girl’s act, or her new nose, lips, cheeks, breasts, hair color, whatever, etc., are really starting to piss me off! I think the point here is: If you want to have surgery and cake on makeup and alter your body and facial structure, more power to you! But after all that, your beauty is no longer amazing and should not be deemed spectacular! Megan Fox IS pretty, but she is also CONTRIVED. Not genuine at all. And as far as her “oozing” sex appeal (one of her comments), sorry but no. You should see some of the gorgeous ladies I do karate with. After class, red in the face, sweating, flat hair, etc., we are a million times sexier that this idiot on her best day!

  162. Nicolle

    She’s one medical procedure away from being truly attractive, in my opinion (she needs her mouth sewn shut). If you’ve ever read one of her interviews before, you’d agree that the woman is absolutely ridiculous. I can agree that Fox is gorgeous is a porn-starish way, but I’ll take a natural beauty with a brain in her head (ex. Natalie Portman) any day.

  163. ........

    he skin is actually butters, but she is very pretty along with so many other people, why do some people revolve their whole lives around celberities 😐
    you actually are losers whoever does, saying ‘the most beautiful in the world’ however, have you seen everyone in this world? no,
    so get a grip shes a human, jeez, if she had dark eyes it would totally change some peoples perception of her because they stand out the most, alot of celebs are skets, just coz ur famous doesnt mean you need to do photoshoots for pervs, you just look pathetic

  164. Vahala

    Who care’s what she has or has not done, it’s her body. She’s attractive and famous, Gotta take care of what brings in your paycheck.

  165. sarah

    i don’t know how people can say she looks like angelina jolie!! i think angelina jolie has a unique face, she has an oncredible bone structure, mouth, body…. and megan fox has had plenty of plastic surgery and she still looks very common. maybe thats because you’re in america that you find her so beautiful, but here in europe there are many many NATURAL girls that are so much beautiful than her.

  166. amanda

    dude shut up about being natural!!! im pretty sure if 80% of people got plastic surgery on their face they STILL wouldnt look half as decent as she would…. saying shes not natural is like something to make u guys feel better bout your self so u say OHhh she got surgery thats why shes THAT pretty… lol u guys r lame, get another excuse, most of girls in hollywood got plastic surgery and do they look half as good as megan fox? no…. example ashley simpson ashley tisdale, they both still ugly….

  167. jpjpjpjpjp

    looks like she has her chin done too…

    but ,,,,honestly…i think she is hot……beautiful too..hehehe

  168. bob

    she was breathtakingly beautiful in the first part of transformers. But now she just ain’t all that appealing. At the 2009 golden globes she really looked horrible. :'( I wonder if people will recognize her in the 2nd part of transformers 🙁

  169. SouthernCaliforniaGirl

    Any one can loook good if you go to a plastic surgeon and show them a picture of Angelina Jolie and ask to replicate it….. >:( True Beauty is a Forgotten Art [b][/b][b][/b]

  170. Oh well...

    I think she’s very pretty, but very plastic mannequin looking after all the surgery she’s had done to her. I think she was just fine the way she was before all this, because there it was all natural.

    I don’t understand what could have made her feel insecure enough to alter herself like this. It’s a shame that beautiful women can’t even realize how pretty they are anymore, because instead of beautiful you have to be 100% FLAWLESS these days, and that’s just not real.

  171. Natalie

    My boyfriend thinks she is sooooo hot. her whole body is FAKE!!!!!! I mean she got a boob job, nose job, lip job, her hair is dyed, and i think she got an ASS job!!!!!! Igot this information from a magazine and they also showed before and after pics so that proved that she is 100% fake… well except eyes ther 100% real

  172. Anthony

    Im sorry but she ruined her self!!!!!!!!!!!! she was soooooooooooooooooooooo hot, now shes starting to look like a horse, she used to be so hot :'( oh well !

  173. N'importe quoi ....

    to tell you guys I’m not jealous or envious and if i see a beautiful woman i’ll say it ….but for me she isn’t . It’s not because some people say she’s not beautiful that means they’re jealous ; we all have our own standards about beauty that’s all !
    Perfection isn’t from this world….get over it…

  174. Angelina

    Megan Fox : Speachless beauty and a beautiful woman!!!! U should all embrace her and every other woman in the world. Stop making foolish speculations around surgery and such. It is her body, and her face…And she looks FANTASTIC…:)

  175. jen

    I didn’t know stating your opinion makes you jealous. So that means everyone that criticizes Megan fox or any other celebrity is jealous. Megan fox is undeniably a beautiful woman before her surgeries because she was natural but after you alter the features you were born with you become something else just plastic. Any of us can get platic surgery and look stunning especially if we already have natural beauty such as megan fox. It’s sad when no one refers to you as beautiful anymore but hot all you are is an object of a person’s sexual fantasies of course some of us strive for that but who wants to be thought of a sex object 24/7 without the plastic surgery she was beautiful. Look at the roles she is getting even in transformers she was depicted as a sex object honestly before all the surgeries when she was just a regular looking girl who really noticed her did anyone call her the hottest woman alive? no as she started gaining attention for her looks she found other things she needed to improve on and for the people who refuse to believe she got lip injections and that a simple plumping lip gloss can produce Angelina Jolie like effects then please tell me because i need it :-* they’re girls that are depressed everyday because they are just average looking and by praising cosmetic surgery what are you telling these girls that unless they look like megan fox they wont be considered attractive no one deserves the title of hottest woman alive especially someone who paid for their looks who is not to say if an average person was given the money they wouldnt look better than megan fox they probably would. Its a shame she would have made a wonderful role model if she wouldve kept her natural self .

  176. straight up

    i think she was beautiful to begin with, and i actually think she looks less pretty now after the nose jobs. she almost looks too perfect… fake.. like a plastic doll. her old nose gave her face character and it went well with her looks. she must be insane and totally insecure to think that the little bump made her ugly. she needs to fire everyone around her who made her think she needed a nose job. *sigh* another beautiful face ruined by plastic surgery. seriously people, perfection doesn’t mean beauty. get over it.

  177. Blueberry

    She’s gorgeous. I think she definitely got her money’s worth. For those of you who try to diminish her by saying she’s fake, all you’re doing is trying to make yourselves feel better and diminish her in everyone else’s eyes. Who cares if she was born this way or not? I think the most important thing is that she is happy with what she sees in the mirror.
    I’m envious of her looks but I’m not going to try to diminish her in any way. I’m certainly not going to talk bad about her or say that she’s not pretty because she’s “fake”. People get plastic surgery for the same reasons people wear makeup, do their hair, change their haircolor or wear nice clothes. Because it makes them look better! The shit talkers are just threatend by the fact that someone had the ambition to better themselves even if it is just in the looks department. It’s not as if anyone gets surgical procedures done so that they can be the most beautiful person in the world. They’re not trying to threaten anyone or take away anyone’s man or attention. They do it for themselves and not to do anyone else any harm. So get over yourselves. I bet half of the people who talk bad about her don’t even realize that what they’re feeling is envy. So don’t take your anger out on her just because you can’t handle your own emotions. Just ask yourselves exactly why you hate someone so much even if you’ve never met them and they’ve never done you any wrong. I’m sure you’ll find some inane justification on why you hate or dislike her.

  178. lucky

    I think the issue here is the media’s image that this girl is trying to live up to. To be this global beauty objected to only her looks. I mean what do we know about Megan Fox other than her half naked roles. The issue is not whether or not she had plastic surgery the issue here is that we as a species have created this world. Not them, they are merely trying to live up to what we want. Her acting isn’t all that great so she has to resort to this, instead of bettering her acting or becoming a more actualized person by just accepting who she is.

    No matter how much we criticize what she’s done to her body, it’s us we need to fix. Because we still resort to this physical appearance to do the talking for us. I saw a picture of her when she was really young, and truth of the matter is she was a gorgeous girl. Now she is just an object, a robot submissive for the media’s standards. And then we wonder why we’re still not happy with life. Well that’s because we look passed the important aspects of it. It’s only human, we all do it. That still doesn’t eliminate the fact that until we realize our own faults we can’t move forward, and save ourselves as a whole from resorting to painful plastic surgery in order to fit in to a fantasy world created by whomever.

    Self discovery, as a capable rational and self disciplined individual, is the only way to freedom from the heavy chains the media places on all of us. We need to shut up and ask ourselves, only we know our own habits and ambitions, but if yours coincides with living up to being this object for the media and for people to feed off of just because of your appearance … then you have been dehumanized as a person. You have been stripped of the freedom to just be without any self regret of what you naturally are.

    It’s hard and the monster of the pop media is so well fed that you might as well call it impossible. But you never know, anything is possible in this world full of phenomenons we can’t explain. And maybe one realization one day might free you from this unnecessary restraint of living up to someone else’s standards, of suffering, just to please what others might see. If you are healthy and fit and mentally well … why do you need to alter parts of your body of no relevance to your survival and advancement in life. I’m sure Fox is a great girl … I just hope she comes to that moment where she throws it all out the window. She is still young, there’s always time to undo wrong.

  179. Visitor

    The bump on her nose might have been caused by a previous fracture or break. So people shouldn’t criticise… she might have just restored her nose. I would have done the same if I was her. Megan is just getting picked on because she had an obvious issue with her nose before so it’s obvious she’s had rhinoplasty… surely people should be more understanding because she had a bump. Many celebs have rhinoplasty when their noses were gorgeous before, which is more irrational. Her rhinoplasty looks good.
    As for the lips, it could be plumping lipgloss and if it was some sort of cosmetic procedure… who cares?!! she still looks great…. it hasn’t gone wrong. She’s even more gorgeous than before. BTW I’m a 22 year old girl, and I’m not criticising 🙂 but then again I’m told I’m good looking. lol. In fact Megan fox is once of the celebs I’ve been told I look similar to (I hope so!!), apart from I don’t have her cat like eyes, and I wear less makeup. Oh and for those who wonder why people who are good looking get plastic surgery, it’s because they are are told they are perfect, and that is a constant reminder of the things they feel insecure about. For hollywood stars it’s a battle to live up to other people’s expectations of their own beauty…. then when they go under the knife to maintain or perfect their beauty they are criticised.
    It’s her nose, her life. I bet she feels fantastic now because her new nose looks great. As for looking fake…. that’s just makeup, and I think it looks kinda cool for an image choice. I’d also like to add that I think people who are very nasty about other people who have plastic surgery do so because they themselves are insecure about something but are too scared to get it ‘fixed’, so they criticise other people for doing so in order to convince themselves that plastic surgery is BAD and they shouldn’t have it done. Not all critics, but some no doubt :-p Oh and just because celebs or anyone gets plastic surgery it doesn’t mean that they are PLASTIC or fake! For a start, fake materials are rarely even used in rhinoplasty. lol. Other than that they are still people with feelings, just with more confidence and better looking. Someone said Angelina is natural and Megan is just copying her looks and is fake…. cough cough… Angelina is yet another celeb SAID to have had rhinoplasty… :-p
    If anyone wears makeup then they are fake… in fact it’s more fake when you think about it because it’s not permanent…. Megan will still have a nice nose after washing her face. lol. You could call someone with a broken, bent nose fake because their nose isn’t how it was intended. Similarly, who is more fake… someone with implants, or someone with chicken fillets stuffed down their bra? Personally, I’d call the chicken fillets person a con-artist! They are the one mascarading that their breasts are bigger… people with implants don’t tattoo ‘real’ on their chest, but their breasts are that big. lol. People are so ironic to say she shouldn’t have had her nose done, but she should have got her complexion sorted…. what with? Dermabrasion? Another cosmetic procedure. And for those people who think ‘oh no!’ to dermabraision… think exfoliating facewash and then shut up :-p It’s just different ends of the same scale.

    If someone is happier after having plastic surgery, and look better for it, then it is a good thing. It’s what she feels when she looks in the mirror that counts. She hasn’t been irrational, so stop being mean about someone you don’t know. Poor celebs…. I’d never want to be famous because of all of the horrible, life-invading critics.

  180. so tired of plastic!!

    Of course the girl is beautiful, however she’s PLASTIC….I mean you can’t go around and lie to people and say your beauty is god given when he didn’t give you all that much beauty to begin with. She was pretty before, but that surgean turned her into a bombshell…and no one is saying she’s not pretty, of course, just keep it real. If you get work done don’t lie about it!!…and for all those guys that say the girls on here are ugly and/or jealous….you have no clue what those girls look like…..they could be just as goregeous if not hotter…so please stop sounding like idiots…

  181. UglyJealoosGurl

    u probly gonna call me ugly and jealoos because u so ugly and jealoos all by yourself but i have to tell you what the reelist beauty is and i no more than you beecaz im a girl and you probly never seen a gurl beefor. megan is the reelist one specially cuz she got face cutting surjry and changed her face to fake too bad she cant bee the reelist beecuz thats me just like my nam says 8). i bet if all of you had surjry and made yourselfs girls ud be most naturaly unatural too and thats the fact. Quote: “if you take a window and smash it to pisses then you tape it back tugethar then back put it back in your house of window then you will see the change made by putting. then if you look out that window to see uself you will see that the changes are in your face too and body and girl.” Thank you for nothing! >:(



    Back in the day – when she was definitely uniquely and naturally beautiful – her two front teeth were distinctly larger than the rest of her teeth
    Before: in 2004

    Now in 2009:

    They aren’t like that anymore !!!!! Plus she definitely got her lips done. No question about it. And she had the bump removed from her nose.
    Now she looks like any girl out there – she was absolutely amazing before because she was different.

  183. Is that REALLy the girl from transformers???...

    all i have to say is –EEEEEEEEEWWWWWW…CREEEEEPYYYYY….so this is the future for our offspring. everyone will be fake plastic non-human walking zombies….YUCK. she was so much better before. i cant believe this is the same girl. i agree with the beautiful Liv Tyler (whos more natural than anyone on the red carpet i’ve seen), people who get plastic surgery really are “creepy”….and btw, THEY DREW HER EYEBROWS ON WAY TO HEAVY!!!! she looks to OLD for her actual age!!!!

  184. Skye

    Cheeks? Why do you think she had her cheeks done? On her biography it says she has Native American ancestry. That’s why she has such high cheek bones. I should know. I do too. I’d say she’s hot. Not beautiful. I do wish I did look like her sometimes..but really, would you honestly say you’d feel safe walking around looking like her? I’d be scared of being kidnapped by some crazy guy. Her nose looks looked better before. I mean, from the side view I have the same shaped nose as her. It was nice seeing someone out there with a nose different from all the others. Why do stars do that? So what if people think they’re flaws? If a person has flaws it shows they’re human. She DOES look like a doll now.

  185. talia

    And for the one that said Megan is tryin’ to copy Angelina, OMG keep it real. Megan is a lot better than Angelina in beauty. And OMG! Angelina has surgeries too. Do you really think her nose is natural? Or her chicks, OMG! You don’t know nothin’ about surgeries for sure.

  186. talia

    OMG! Girl keep it real. The stars are not Gods or goddess. If I had enough money, I will for sure, make me a nose surgery and a boob job ‘cuz I had a baby. There’s nothin’ wrong on that as you said, but Megan had the surgery not ‘cuz her agent told her to do so, she did that ‘cuz she wanted to do it and that’s it. And OMG! We’re talking about Hollywood named one artist that doesn’t have a surgery and I will definetely tell you what surgery does he or she has. ‘Cuz even man do that. If you had money to do it and change one desperfection of your body, you will do it. There’s nothin’ wrong on that. And do you think that Mehan will do what her agent told her to do? Her agent will tell her, Megan fix your nose instead of Megan,please stop makin’ tattoos on your body? Absolutely not. Think about it. She said that the day that her agent told her to do something with her body, she will change her agent for another one, and the day one director of Hollywood tell her to remove her tattoos, she will quit filming.

  187. lol

    for thoswe who are like “you’re just jealous” i mean for sure some people might be but at the same time its annoying that we aspire to be like these stars and look up to them when they aren’t even real and just a product of what hollywood is suppose to look like. There’s nothing wrong with someone saying “i have a bump on my nose i don’t like it i got it fixed if you don’t lik eit to bad” its just annoying to see people go under the knife when the only reason they did it is probably because their agent said it would book them more jobs. i’m sorry but i’ld rather see a really good actress with a slight bump on her nose than a semi good one who has the same nose as all the other actresses and singers. Again nothing wrong with fixing one part of you that you really can’t look at in the mirror but really annoying that some people envy these stars when they not only dont’ look like themselves but can’t even admit to it.

  188. bocelli

    She looks fantastic and way different from before, it’s like it’s two different people. Looks like she had everything done and done very well! Lips, nose, cheeks, and jaw implants. Her face is very defined now. Wow I’d love to know who is her talented surgeon!!!

  189. kay

    look at all these jealous people!

    who cares what she did! She looked stunning before and now she just looks incredibly amazing.

    I find it to be kind of hilarious when people become so bitter and envious whenever somebody looks obviously 100x better then they could ever look. You guys are ridiculous…

  190. ugly assholes

    you guy are such idiots lol why the hell do you car what she does to herself, i want to see all of yur pictures right now and give yu many sugestions of what you should do to yourself, its not like megan went from a huge nose to michail jackson or her lips she just gave them a little pump, what the fuck is the big deal…if you think you will get a nose job and little pump uup on the lips and look like that I think you should check the rest of your face…she has a beautiful smile its wide all of her teeth open up (fake or not fake who cares) she has a great faceshape her chin is not out of place her eyebrown bone is perfect and so is her eye shape she has cat eyes makeup or with out makeup , beauiful body …makeup just gives you a more glamour look so everyone would want to look at you since shes exposed so many times and good for her that she made her noe even more prettier and lips more sexy because it will help her career..idiots ;D

  191. Ivana

    Who ever said that she looks like Angelina Jolie??? She is sooo fake, and Angelina is real and naturaly beautiful woman! Megan seems like she’s trying to copy Angelina, lips, nose, tatoos and all… I actualy kind of feel sorry for her, trying to be someone else, she’s so pathetic… 8)

  192. anna

    lol *babe* you like her eyes and skin? wow really you should like her blue lenses and the foundation shes using then! i agree that some think she has to be beautiful without makeup but in real fact she will not be as the makeu on her face chnages everything and the eyebrows. in all these pics she has makeup and operations so you cannot call her a beauty or naturally b/c it would not be true

  193. hamza

    ofcourse it will look ‘natural on her the nose lips n cheeks cuz the doctos is a prof.. n remember the dum ons below me that she aint no natural beauty how cud u say shes beautiful wen she got a whole cake on herface u seen wat makeuo does to pamela anderson n after n madona then jlo check celebs without makeup ur in 4 a shock n a suprise lol al celebs are fake and ugly, they get pro makeup artcls to tranform them into beauties thats why they always braking up with men cuz they see them in mrolning

  194. hamza

    its really idiotic when especially males say ‘ the most beautiful’have u seen every woman in the wolrd??? i agree with Nicolie if all girls were to get operaitons n propesional makeup, hair, change eye colour then everyone will look gd i am not saing beautiful because beautiful is used for a woman who is beautiful wihtout makeup or face cut and changed.. im just tryina think of a good example for the dum people here … ” when you change an ugly looking house and paint it to look new it would look good and if you do the same to the other gouse they will look good too but you will know how horrible it used to be before and that it will always need to be kept and done to ensure it says that way.. yu would prefur a beautiful house bilt straIGHT away without chnagin old into new” same way is here

  195. zena

    take aside the men for a second cuz they dnt know anythin about ‘ natural beauty ‘ n r way 2 dum n blind 2 notice operaitons they think if a girl looks good in mkauep then she must look god in real life cmon dats bulshit an1 is nice in makeup n the woman know that light lenses n nice hairstyles with extensons make u looks gd n with big shaded eyebrows which r lifted, also there is way 2 much makeup on this girl n if u put same makeup n fake eyelashes on a noter girl she wud luk te same n if u add oepertaions course. narutal beauty men is no mkaeup no hair style done or nay operations.. this s not beauty it is called fakeness. if she had foto before her operaiton with no makue n she lukd gd then u can ay she is antural beauty but right now its thx 2 the great makeup articlses n doctors did u know dat foundaiton chages ur face completly coverin eveyrhtin

  196. judy

    I think she looked better b-4 surgery, her features are more in proportion with her face than her new look which is a bit overwhelming for her small frame and looks like her skin has been pinned. Angelina’s look is more in proportion, first because she was made by God, not some plastic surgeon who thinks that skin is like playdough and you can just shift, tuck and pinn as you please without consequences…and second, it just suits her maturity, personality and facial frame..

    she still looks good but she would have set a much better precedent for young girls by keeping her old face….gwen stefani is an example, not a standard hollywood beauty but her confidence and personality make her a role model…it’s sad to see that an already gorgeous woman has to alter her looks because she doesn’t feel worthy of leveling the hollywood stereotype..what should regular looking girls do now, commit estethic suicide?!

  197. Was she a stripper?

    Ok, in those first pics, that is an a**load of makeup on her to cover acne and pitted scars (which, as a former acne sufferer, I can certainly relate to–no shame in it). The “after” pictures appear to have been Photoshopped and everything appears to have the dreamy, airbrushed effect. It’s so unfortunate that we aren’t even allowed to see celebrities as human beings before the media takes it upon themselves to doctor these photos up. As if a celebrity with acne or scars would actually prohibit us from buying movie tickets. Insane.

  198. She looked good before...

    Definitely cheek implants. The eyes are pulled upward, which makes it obvious. Lips, probably Restylane or some other injectable filler. Good thing she didn’t end up with fish lips like Meg Ryan. Hollywood is just ridiculous…

  199. Luna

    this chick is very pretty and hot, but her much rounder face (pic 5) was waaaaaaaay cuter. also, is she really 21??? she looks on her very late 20s to me.

  200. Me

    She’s not that beautiful. I like her, but this plastic surgery. It looks like she’s had her cheeks done too, and with the lip plumping she looks like that freaky woman who got lots of plastic surgery. I never saw her as overly pretty, she has big breasts, so yay, that’s why everyone like sher. She’s not even a grand actress or anything. She’s okay looking, the bump in her nose made her look unique, now she’s just..plastic cookie cutter.

  201. mimi

    she does look good however she seems so rude, and like she is all about her and nobody else. There have been articels written about her attitude and how she treats her boyfriend, if that’s true. She just seems unattractive because of the way she presents herself. Too cocky!

  202. joshua

    she had a lot more done than her nose and lips… she has had chin and cheekbone implants… I also think she had her eyes slanted more upwards… she looks totally different… and I agree there is something unfair about someone getting so much notice for her beauty, when it is all FAKE. Fake breasts too. Plus she acts so stuck up, really bugs me. >:(

  203. EnCee

    I don’t have a problem with her having surgery to enhance her looks. She’s beautiful and if she’s had a little help so be it. I disagree with calling anyone the “most” sexy or “most” beautiful because that’s just too big a title for any one person to have.
    There’s nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. Say what you like but you aren’t going to make it go away. The people who have it should be happy about it and get on with their lives. And the rest of us have no right to throw mud at them.

  204. whatava

    I don’t think she is the prettiest woman in the world!!! >:( she’s not THAT gorgeous before or after and her make up looks like shiet.

  205. maria12

    I adore Megan! I think she is the most beautiful woman I have seen in a long time! Even w/o makeup her beauty is undeniable! Her hair, and eyes make her stand out and I guess it’s cuz she is part Cherokee Indian. I love her attitude, but think she is better as a model than an actual actress. Definitely someone I admire… 😉

  206. La Fay

    She looks cute, but nothing special in before pictures, in after photos she looks extremely beautiful. She should change her title to most beautiful plastic surgeons creation instead of most beautiful woman, and leave that title to someone that is happy in their own skin and actually deserves it…Hollywood is full of fake mannequin whores like her, comparing them to real women doesn’t feel right.

  207. sara

    she just tried to looks like jolie!!yea she do all d plastic surgery,n she is just actinggg!!!i think she is a big loser however she is pretty!!…(but not d sexiest)

  208. AnonymousAnne

    She’s trying way too hard! I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought something was up with her face. It looks completely different from when she hosted the Maxim tv show back when Transformers came out. I don’t think she stopped with her nose. It looks like she’s done her whole face, lips, cheeks, the whole deal. So sad. As for whoever said she doesn’t look 21, I agree. She [i]used[/i] to look young, but not now. She was so cute before.

  209. L

    Her nose looks better than before. I’m all for it. She should just tone down the makeup a bit though, but just my opinion.

  210. Elle

    None of these pictures are fake! The only thing that’s fake is Megan Fox’s nose, her lips and apparently also her breasts! I don’t understand why people can’t accept theirselves, I mean, come on, Megan was really pretty before! She didn’t need any plastic surgery. And she’s so young! 😮 It’s a pitty to see all these young Hollywood partygirls who all look so same… Anyhow, she should be herself, and not a (cheap) version of Angelina Jolie!

  211. !

    guess what this pics are messed up on the computer..some one played with them and change them by the photoshope program for example..cos they’re clearly and obviously fake..!..some of them aren’t the real copies !

  212. Jojo

    People think different things are beautiful.The problem I have with these stars getting plastic surgery is that they lie about it. Young girls look at these people and believe it is all real.Then they get depressed and hate themselves when they don’t look like them.Plastic surgery is fine,just tell the truth about it.

  213. Bunny

    this woman in all kinds of fake… i find it insulting that they picked her as the “sexiest” woman in the world…. her lips are fake… her nose is fake… her breasts supposedly are fake…. her tattoo? yuck.

    I dont deny her being attractive… but maybe in a trashy, stripper kind of way. She doesnt show any class.. at least in my opinion.

  214. Carolyn

    My Mom was from the era when Sophia Loren was considered beautiful. Sophia said I know I have a long nose but true beauty comes from being different not like looking like everyone else. I was so happy my own Dad said Models are like potatoe faces flat like anyone could make them up to look like anyone but a true beautiful woman is unique because she looks like no one else.

  215. dalal, kuwait

    i love her look, she’s the most sexiest woman to me but i have a smaal comment (nice fake nose better then before) 😛

  216. NICOLIE

    Pepole are just Jealious of her because shes called the most prettiest woman in the world … yea she had plastic surgery but weather she had it or not either way shes nice looking … but come on those movie people could make anyone look beautiful … they know what makeup gos with you they know how to make you look so that your hot … god if they mADE ANY OF US EVERY ONE OF US WOULD LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!

  217. pak31

    To all the people saying that negative commentors are just jealous or envious, that is WRONG. My point in posting here is not based on jealousy. I see people like this and it bothers me. I am 40 but I remember as a teen not being 100% happy with my nose or my hair or my hips etc. I remember wishing I could change things on my body. That was back in the days where plastic surgery wasn’t so common. But I grew up and I learned to accentuate the positives, that life isn’t all about how you look. You can’t make life better by reshaping your nose or your chin. If you think so then that is really sad and it shows a lack of self confidence. I could see if someone has a hugantic nose or something but to go under the knife and basically risk you life for vanity, I have no respect for that. She can do what she wants and she’s beatiful but so what?? Is she happy and is she a good person, yes or no you should not have to change your face for that. THat is why I post because it’s upsetting that people go to these exremes for vain reasons.

  218. pak31

    I agree with sandy. It’s not fair to label someone “the most beautiful” when her face is now man made. That’s cheating in my book. I think she is pretty BUT she knows it and it seems to show and that’s a turn off. She always stands there with her mouth open and stuff and it’s like enough already!!! Okay you are pretty. It just shows she lacks self confidence. She looks a lot older than 21 too.

  219. anja

    i think she has also plumped her lips. Theres a small difference between the pics where shes wearing a pikn/red lipstick and the pics whers shes wearing a nude lipstick (1st and 2nd on the last row)

  220. Babe

    SHE’S IMPOSSIBLY BEAUTIFUL……………………………………….I think she’s would look impossible even without surgeries. BEAUTIFUL SHE’S CHERROKE 4/10-the prettiest women in the world.beautiful luv her eyes and skin

  221. !!

    Leave her alone!
    People may think she’s the most beautiful person in this world but ppl (even celebs) do have insercurities and if she did have plastic surgery its because she didn’t like something about herself no matter how pretty she appeared to someone else! Your not the one who has to look at her in the mirror everyday now are you? No she is. I personally think she looked beautiful before and still is after so drop it.

  222. Becky

    She was fine the way she was before. I don’t see why she felt the need to get surgery; sad how today’s standards of beauty make people want to do that.

    The only thing that I feel that she should do is fix her complexion. Even with all the makeup, we can see her skin problems. (Eating well and not partying should do the trick.)

  223. Marla

    Well, you can say what you want. She’s fake, she seems a robot or a doll… I didn’t watch the movie, and I don’t know if she’s a good actress or if she can convince anyone of her feelings or emotions. But I cant tell you this: for me, she looks amazingly beautiful!

  224. sandy

    it’s one thing to have plastic surgery, but it’s another to be named “sexiest woman” as a result of it. she should give the title back!

  225. Jacky.....:)

    Hay pero que envidiosas (os) son che….. esa mina esta lindisima y osea creanme cuando les digo que a ella le vale que no les guste, aunque sea fake es feliz y gana miles y trabajo no le falta…. eso le ha dado estatus en el medio y la mega apoyo porque no se vive de criticas envidiosas y malas sino de buenos fans que la apoyan a pesar de todo es una super actris y llegar amuy lejos y creanme le importa un bledo las malas criticas y vale veinte si es feliz, ella es la que recibe dinero y fama jajaja envidiosas

  226. arienne

    she isnt even famous yet and shes had a ton of surgery. i wonder what she will look like in about 10 years 😮

  227. Friend

    Gosh people! Stop pickin on her cause she’s beautiful. Good lord get a life and stop criticizing others because you hate yourselves.

  228. marie

    I don’t think she had any big plastic surgery…As for her nose, I do agree that her bump disapeared but, you can have a simple injection(restylane..etc.) on your nose to fill out in a way the bump doesn’t show anymore(I saw this on TV). It takes like 5 minutes and you’re done. As for her lips, she just looks like a girl with too much lipstick and lip gloss on…Trust me, you can have a angelina look(lips) with Sally Hanson Lip inflation, it works…She’s beautiful, naturally beautiful, and she just knows how to enhanced her natural beauty…Don’t be jealous because she doesn’t have anything looking awkward on her face….By the way, her eyebrows are not too thin at all!!!! when we talk about thin eyebrows, think about Christina Aguilera(for ex)….Megan Fox just looks the best she can look with what she got…PEACE Y’ALL

  229. ashleigh

    its so stupid, so many ppl are drooling over her, yet they dont understand how fake she is. transformers is my favourite movie, but they should’ve gotten someone else for her part. shes going to be fake her whole life!

  230. jay

    She’s always looked fake, before and after. Like a robot or a blow up doll. Not attractive. Her eyebrows are way too thin and her eyes are soo light, there’s no feeling or emotion in them. But I agree, now she looks faker than ever. SCARY! Definitely better BEFORE!

  231. Ron Q

    She’s such a natural beauty. It’s a shame for her to muck with that.

    That goes for the cosmetic procedures as well as the eyebrow plucking (which she does sometimes)

  232. angela

    she always looked fake but now more so. in picture 8 in the after, she looks like rose mcgowan…that chick in show charmed.

  233. j

    she is pretty but soo fake like even when she shows her “natural pics” they arent natural b/c she has had surgery and she is wearing makeup in all the pics

  234. maggie

    whoah, in image #5 she is unrecognizable. looks like a totally different person.. must be an old photo.

    her lips look pretty fake in image #11. the weird uneven way they stretch out when she smiles looks like injections or something.

    but overall, if she’s had work done, it’s subtle & hasn’t ruined her face.

  235. Cady

    I actually don’t see any difference… I just noticed that her eyebrows look like Emma Watson’s(that chick from Harry Potter)

  236. pammela

    does anyone know which Plastic surgeon she used?? Cus I would love to use the one who did her face, she looks amazing. ;D


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