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Kristen Stewart Breast Augmentation

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery

On their latest issue, Star Magazine show us some pictures of actress Kristen Stewart which make us think that she may have gotten some breast implants.

There is an obvious difference on her cleavage and although a wonder bra could achieve these results, we must agree with Dr. Youn, looking only the first picture breast implants are the most likely option.

We don’t know Kristen of course, but given the personality that she projects it is just a bit hard to believe that she succumbed to certain standards of the business and got a boob job. We don’t think that there is anything wrong about plastic surgery, just that with her, not liking to dress up and all that, we thought she may not like implants either.

Looking at other pictures of the same event, the difference is not so shocking, so we must say, that is a must-have bra!


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