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Jennifer Grey

Who are you and what you did with Jennifer Grey?

The cast of "Dancing with the Stars" Season 11 has been announced, and with that, many people turned immediately to their computers to look for the plastic surgery procedures of one of the cast members: Jennifer Grey. 

After her role on Dirty Dancing (1987), actress Jennifer Grey had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to remove the bump from her nose. For many, this change on her image, cost her nothing less than her career.

It is true that her bridge was a bit long and used to have a hump very obvious, but it was such a part of her that many people fail to recognize her after the procedure.  Looking at her pictures now, we can see that at the end it was a good plastic surgery as the nose looks natural, but she looks like somebody else indeed. The change on Jennifer’s hair style also makes a big difference on the pictures giving a different frame to her face, on texture and volume.

Something that many of her fans don’t know is that she needed a second surgery to correct the first one, since they needed to repair the damage on her nose. About her experience she says on  "I went in the operating theatre a celebrity – and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible… I remember going to a restaurant where I had been going for years. I ran into people I knew and would say, ‘Hey.’ Nothing. "I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognises… because of a nose job."

She commented in an interview for Channel 5 (UK) that having plastic surgery on her nose was the worst mistake she had ever made. Grey felt this way because she was no longer recognizable as the girl from the film Dirty Dancing (1987), just somebody who looked a bit like her.  Some other stars have received the same comments after having plastic surgery calling it sometimes the "Jennifer Grey" syndrome, celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Tisdale.

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  1. Septoplasty

    She had septoplasty to fix a deviated septum and while inside they filed the bone down, narrowed her turbinates, lifted the tip to hold the new structure. Most people have two surgeries to corrected a perforated septum or rebuild the center cartllage.

    Always select a surgeon who does the most revised septoplasty. Ask who gets the most referals to fix other doctors mistakes. Never go to a doctor in his 30’s that is just out of medical school that only does easy cases. Ask who handles the medium to hard cases.

    She looks fantastic and should have no regrets. She fixed a structural problem that allowed her to breath easier and who ever did the work did a great job. 25 years ago they took out the middle cartlage and rebuilt it and now they like to use rib cartlage and treat it like gold. I would stay away from donor cartlage.

    No regrets No worries. Looks great.

  2. Septoplasty

    Jennifer Grey had septoplasty because of a deviated septum. While in they filed the bone down and narrowed the turbinates. They also changed the cartilage to be straighter and lifted the tip of her nose to hold the new structure. My guess is they perforated her septum causing a small hole in the tissue paper like skin or the cartilage did not remain straight. After the surgery they put two splints in that stay for 1 week and disolvable packing.

    The surgeon who did her nose did a very good job and the fact that it is 25 years later and she only had one other surgery is great. Now surgeons don’t remove as much original cartlage and treat it like gold. They take an individuals rib cartllage and blend it in. Don’t get donor cartlage.

    When you think you have selected the right surgeon ask how many revised septoplasty they do and contact the administrators to find out who gets referred the most and the most complicated septoplasty. There are only 50 or so really good surgeons in the country. Try and go with one that has gone to the best schools and fixes other doctors mistakes.

    She looks great and should never regret anything,.

  3. kitty

    I remember being shocked for not recognising her as that funny girl from ferris buller. She completely lost her own identity, although she doesn’t look bad at 50, its still a shame how she lost that face and character that we so loved.

  4. pc

    Sure, some people might get plastic surgery and have a great success. And whether or not you like her new look, I think the point is what she feels about it.

    She regrets having a nose job.

    It cost her what very likely could have been a much longer career than a supporting role in Ferris Bueller’s Day off and starring in Dirty Dancing.

    And good for her for realizing that she needed to just f**king stop there and not go the route of Pete Burns or some of the other plastic surgery nightmares who just could not leave it alone after realizing they screwed up.

  5. Louise UK

    No matter how many times I look at Jen now, my brain cannot accept that this is the character ‘baby’ from dirty dancing. Seriously: it does not compute. How bizarre. She does not look like the same woman at ALL. She is pretty now, but was pretty before. Jen looked lovely before the nose job. She looks lovely now, but looks more different to her pre nosejob self, than I have ever seen anyone look before, who has just simply had a nosejob.

  6. Stacy

    I think she looks better after the nose job. I had a nose job too and mine looked a little like Jennifer’s nose before she had her nose job, I look and feel better after i had my nose job done back in 1996.

  7. Cute Now ... BEAUTIFUL Then ...

    I still believe she is cute, but in the time when she was natural, she was simply a stunningly BEAUTIFUL young woman to behold. It’s very interesting how a simple facial feature can competely change “who” a person is in the general public’s view. On a more personal level, my first girlfriend had a slight case of buck teeth at the age of 12, but she was simply beautiful. At the age of 14, her parents took her to the orthodontist, and her teeth were completely changed (straightened and filed down). Amazingly, she didn’t even look like the same person, and he stripped her of that unique, alluring look about her. Not only did it change her looks, but it changed her personality also. She was very outgoing and happy, but after having her teeth overhauled, she kept to herself, and she basically didn’t have many friends that she regularly hung out with on breaks and such. Granted, she eventually became a neurologist, divorced three times, and no children. I recently met with her after 20+ years, and she commented on having her teeth fixed. She said “I wish my parents would left well enough alone.” She loved the arts (drawing, painting, music, drama, etc), but after getting the braces and all, she did nothing but study and stayed home on weekends. I asked her if she was happy with her life, and it was a flat “no, finanacially I’m secure, but happy is a word that is no longer in my vocabulary.” We have since become extremely good friends, but given I married and have a wonderful wife and two charming children, friends will have to suffice, which is great as far as I’m concerned. Moving back to the original post, Jennifer is still a beautiful woman, but that uniqueness about her was what made her much more beautiful than the average beautiful woman, and I think all would agree “we miss the beautiful nose!” Sincerely, From The Heart

  8. Alicia

    As a person speaking with a big nose myself I wish I would’ve gotten a nose job but from her experience, and what other have told me, my nose adds to my own unique personality I’ve learned to accept my big clonker;D

  9. jane

    Jennifer Grey looks amazing with her new nose. Yes, she looks quite different, but you have to remember she was 27 when she did Dirty Dancing and now she’s 50! If she was unhappy with her nose and decided to get it done, then good for her. Maybe it wasn’t because of the pressure she was feeling from others, but because of the discomfort she felt within herself. People often tend to look at plastic surgery like a shallow thing to do, but truthfully, it not only improves your physical appearance, but the way you feel, and that is what is truly important.
    She did a GREAT job on Dancing With The Stars, and I am very happy for her. She may not be “baby” anymore, but after about 23 years, you can’t expect her to be the same person who made that ONE movie. I’m very happy for her and her nose job, it saddens me that it ruined her career, it really shouldn’t have. She is great and she will always be.
    Go Jennifer! There are still some fans out here who love you!

  10. Paul

    Jennifer is still pretty, but was more beautiful before the nose work. I agree with her, she never should have had that work done.

  11. jim

    She is a great dancer and still looks good, but aren’t you sick of her crying every week on dancing with the stars. So she’s 50…Florence Henderson was in her 70’s and didn’t “whine” like Jennifer….

  12. Ronald James

    When I saw the love in her, when she winked at her little girl after her first dance, and watched her husbands tears for her happiness, I was happy for Jennifer. If anyone thinks she is not amazing, and a joy, they don’t see the Jennifir that I see. I didn’t perticulary care for her 4th week dance of the Argentina Tango, though she did it great, she finally got some of the scores she deserved for the first dances. The lady judge said it best, she is a-maz-zing!!! Go get’em Jennifer Grey. You’ve still got it kid. I’m still in love with you, and your nose looks great, as do you. I see that you are going to be on HOUSE Monday night and I couldn’t be happier for you. I’ll get to see you on there before you wow them on DWTS again. Go for it Jennifer Grey Joel. You were a winner before the first week. May your marriage be happy and secure all your days. God bless and keep you in divine health. Ron

  13. WDM

    I am sorry but Jennifer Grey looks ALOT different than she did in dirty dancing and please don’t she has “Grown”Because your looks doesn’t change as much as she has nose job or not…She has had A LOT of plastic surgery done and no one can convince me other wise,,,,

  14. Ashley

    I was told by friends and even my own parents that I looked just like Jennifer Grey when I was in high school and college. I hated my nose forever and later in life I ended up having surgery to correct problems within it and the outside appearance as well. It was the best decision of my life. I looked better and felt better about myself. My self-confidence was hugely improved. I was shocked to learn later that Jennifer Grey did the exact same thing and sad to learn that she was having problems landing roles in Hollywood because of it. I think she looks great and I hope that people can just be happy for her and wish her well.

  15. Shatsi

    Never mind about J Grey’s nose. Just look at that gorgeous body! And the warmth and charisma she exudes when she dances is evidence that there is more than a nose that meets the eye. I had a huge crush on Jennifer after her early film work – and missed the “old” face. It was shocking at first glance, but it was also years later when I came across her again, so one must be reminded that the years and a new hair style added to the change that made her almost unrecognizable. She’s still lovely, however, and I hope she has many more opportunities to display her talents.

  16. Kathy

    I saw Jennifer on Dancing With the Stars and just could not believe that was the same person from Dirty Dancing. She looks NOTHING like she did before and was shocked to see how her surgery changed her whole face.

  17. Gordon Campbell

    Before her facial surgery she was unique and had what I call a different other-worldly beauty.Her imperfections were simply accent points to a marvelous,expressive acrtresses face.She appeared “almost beautiful”which made her intriguing and sympathetic,now she’s just another pretty face and no career.Her face was her trademark-unique and hers alone-one could pick her out of a crowd of thousands-now her fate is pretty,bland,anonymity.
    Actresses often have little”unnoticeable” things done to extend their “best before”date.This wiman was a Star and by surgically morphing her face due to vanity she appears on the ridiculous TV show Dancing With Stars,a show for has beens and basically Hollywood welfare.Tragic.When I first saw her in Ferris Bueller’s day off I KNEW this girl HAD it-the “Look”,acting ability and comedic ability-all sacrificed for a nose.

  18. jaybaby

    she became common/popular with the nose job,but she was absolutely female and uniquely beautiful as God intended her before the plastic surgery to “correct” what made her the individual she was. Anyone who disputes the beauty of the original nose should hear/read what Cyrano de Bergerac had to say about the topic (Jose Ferrer-movie). He says it best.

  19. Donna

    I think her nose is beautiful, but not unique, as it was before. Barbara Streisand didn’t care if anyone liked her nose. It was her nose and it certainly didn’t hurt her career. Jennifer looks amazing and after Dancing with the Stars Everyone will know her nose.

  20. Unrecognizable

    I think if she had gotten that nose job before her auditon to dirty dancing, she may not have gotten the part. The nose job probably nose dived her carreer.

    • sarah z

      i think jennifer grey, today, would feel totally at home in a wax museum. her complexon looks incredibly fake and waxy to me. i wonder what dad ( JOEL GREY ) would say or think ? she couldn’t have made a bigger mistake !!!

  21. m

    Jennifer Grey was, and still is, a beautiful woman. She might look different now with her mended nose and changed hairstyle. It might even take me a while to recognize her now, but the way her soft yet intense eyes smile and lighten her entire face will always give her away. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul. And that will always be unique. All the best, Jennifer!! :):):)

  22. ang

    This is one of the best nose jobs I’ve ever seen! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHICH DR PERFORMED THE 2ND NOSE JOB. Jennifer may not look like her old self, but she does have a nose that fits her face.

  23. Humpdort MacFekkle, III

    Jeeeez, if I would have had a nose like that, I’d have changed it. too. Movies may have been her career, but at least when she looks in the mirror she can the rest of her face, not that balloon, banana, boil-like rhino horn it was…. looks great now!! People should always change the things that are in the way, visually, so that people can focus on the person inside…. And I have talked to friends of mine, like Richard Wakker, who agreed with that asessment. Dick agreed ! He said change things about you that bring peoples unneceessary attention to yourself…..

  24. Linda

    Jennifer Grey went through a nightmare after her original nose job/rhinoplasty (read comments from BAD NOSE…BAD June 24,2009). Look her real story upon the net. Plastic surgery that is meant to be minor can be life-changing in both positive and negative ways.
    I know a girl who had an “Ashlee Simpson-type” nose but I didn’t know how much she hated it and herself. Years later seeing her perky little upturned nose (obviously post-surgery) I thought she looked great. But was it necessary to make her happy? I doubt it. She’s grown up, doesn’t pretend to be happy anymore and is a more honest person. She knows she looks better. That’s all. But she looked lovely before too. Perhaps a good psychologist might have helped?
    Sometimes surgery goes wrong and Jennifer Grey suffered chronic pain and required further surgery. She should serve as a warning against taking surgery too lightly, and not because it destroyed her career, but because the pain was destroying her. She looked and still looks beautiful on the outside but what was going on inside is what counted for her. Good for her that she had her own successful sitcom for a few years (called “Didn’t you used to be…..”, from memory?) It was a send up of herself and total acceptance of her experiences. She has a family and seems a grounded human being. Thank God for that, just look at some of the stories that come out of Hollywood and recent tragic deaths. Fame and beauty clearly aren’t all we’re lead to believe and aspire to.

  25. Alejandro


    with everyone seeming to want straight straight straight…
    I think there is an underappreciated art and beauty in the nose that is slightly flawed but has character.
    In my humble opinion, If a nose is perfectly straight then its not neccessarily better in the the aesthetic sense.
    A slight and barely noticable irregularity is exactly what gives a face its character and personality.
    Providing that the proportions are correct the nose with the slight hump or bump can often be more sexy and/or alluring then just a plain old vanilla straight nose. Though it often takes a greater aesthetic sense of awareness to realize that.
    Having said that….Jennifers original nose could use some refinement but I think it was overly done thereby losing her sense of identity in the process …she is still beautiful though…just not as much character to her face.

  26. Lalli

    Like everyone I loved her in Dirty Dancing and never even thought her nose was less than pretty. When I saw her recently, I couldn’t believe it was the same person and that’s a shame when you can’t recognise a person you like. She looks good still but unfortunately like another person.

  27. Mary

    I think she looked beautiful before the nose job, she had personality. Now she’s pretty but the personality’s gone.

  28. Dirty Dancing #1 Fan


  29. J

    I thought she was adorable and is adorable still. Too bad the times have changed so much that everyone thinks that plastic surgery is the answer to everything. The ideal woman today needs to be robot perfect. Big lips, perfect nose, lip the hell out of any fat cells you might have. Don’t forget to insert giant plastic things in your breasts.

    Women are beautiful and should not have to correct themselves with knifes to feel beautiful, Shame on the image makers for creating such myths.

  30. Gary

    She was great in Wind, Dirty Dancing, and Ferris. She was unique. It is a real shame she had the nose done. Even after seeing the “after” pictures, I’m not sure I could pick her out in a crowd. But I can see why she got it. Hollywood wants gorgeous stars for its leading ladies, and I’m sure there was a lot of pressure to try to conform to that ideal. She went for the brass ring, and it didn’t pan out. If she hadn’t gotten the nose job, more than likely she would have been relegated to smaller movies or character parts even though she is in my mind, great.

  31. I.S from uk

    Jennifer, I watched that film what seems like a lifetime ago now and fell in love with you, so did the rest of the world, not everybody gets to be americas sweetheart. I know you auditioned for flashdance, and that would of been a great choice of film roles if you had managed to land it. “WIND”, I thought was a good film, and you stole the show,

    You will be a star always and nobody can take that away from you, you have been there and done it! and now have a beautiful family. If a surgeon could provide these kind of results for individuals then please tell me where to sign up.

    P.S. your only mistake through all of this jennifer was not finding and falling in love with me, to late for that now I have a family of my own to take care of.

  32. BAD NOSE...BAD

    I think what many of you are missing is that she doesn’t look different because she had a nose job. She looks different because she had a BAD nose job, and it required a ton of additional surgery to be fixed. If the first nose job had gone how it was supposed to, she wouldn’t have looked so “different”. But because the first job was messed up, Dr’s were forced to change her overall appearance to make her face look like a normal face.

  33. jess

    ;Di love that movie jenniffer is good actress too. so i don’t care about her nose. she looked pretty and look good now too.

  34. Ashley

    She is and was a beautiful woman. I wish she hadn’t gotten the nose job done because I believe she would have went on to make more great mevies. It’s hard to believe a nose job can change the way you look so drastically!

  35. Lauri

    What’s wrong with some of you. Jennifer Grey doesn’t look generic now, she looks absolutely beautiful. You people must have perfect, nice straight noses to not understand how she felt. A woman doesn’t want to just look cute and be known for a mis-shapen nose. A woman wants to be beautiful. And now she is.

  36. Ramona

    It’s so sad that a person has to feel she must change what makes her unique. I do believe she is sorry that she did it.

  37. Melanie

    That´s what i always said, why the hell is everybody thinking that he or she has to be look perfect? When Dirty Dancing came out, everybody liked Jennifer Grey and thought she was cute and beautiful. Nobody actually takes notice about her nose!
    Next time when you´re thinking about a nose job, think at Jennifer Grey and what it had brought to her. Or think about Barbra Streisand. She has a really big and eye-catching nose, but does someone cares? no! does it damaged her career? no!

  38. LorI

    I thought she was beautiful, with her infamous nose. Too bad she had it done, she probably felt insecure for a long time, If she chose to do it good for her, but in this case, maybe this “baby” will stand in the corner!

  39. Lindsey

    yeah but how many stars were one hit wonders? it could have happened nose job or not. maybe she wasnt cut out for acting. whos to say thats what it was from?

  40. Thomas

    I think some of you are missing the point. It’s not about whether Jennifer Grey looks prettier or not post rhinoplasty. It’s about the fact she could not cash in afterwards with the success she had managed to build on Dirty Dancing because no one recognizes her anymore. She now looks like just another pretty face — which is a dime o’ dozen in Hollywood.

    Look at Mickey Rourke. That guy looks really messed up now and could only get a job if they remade Frankenstein.

  41. Chris

    I thought Jennifer was ADORABLE before her nose job…sometimes people forget that physical imperfections, subtle or obvious, can be very attractive. Her nose helped her to stand out from other actresses. Now her new nose makes her appear to have a different personality, whether her actual personality has changed or not. It’s too bad. She still looks pretty, but not as pretty as before.

  42. Marla

    To change a face like that… It really demands courage. Because she’s so changed, almost unrecognizable… But let’s face it. If the plastic surgery ruined her career or not… the truth is that she’s much prettier now.

  43. Sandie Siciliano

    I thought she was beautiful – her face had character – good grief … …… (isn’t ther some way to have another surgery to put her nose back where it belongs??????? )

  44. Birgit

    Oh my god!!!!
    Plastic surgery has helped many celebrities in their careers, although for some their careers were ruined. The best example is actress Jennifer Grey, famous for her role in Dirty Dancing in the 1980’s. Despite her acting talent, Jennifer believed that she had to make her nose perfect and remove any irregularity from it. But when she did so she ceased getting acting offers because nobody could recognise the famous actress any more. Although less than perfect, her nose gave her face character. After she corrected it Jennifer just blended into the mass of faceless and uninteresting actresses.

  45. Ron Q

    This has to be one of the all-time “classic tradgedies” of plastic surgery.

    A stunning woman with a unique look chooses to go for a more “plain, generic” look.

    Very sad.


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