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Jacqueline Laurita

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Jacqueline Laurita Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline Laurita, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has admitted some plastic surgery procedures in the past, but more recently she looks like she got, at least, some facial fillers.

Some people think that she got a nose job and her nose does look different from the time when she was younger. Facial features definitely through life but her nose looks specially defined and smaller than before.

With her weight loss she has said before that she got a mastopexia, a procedure to reduce the size and lift the breasts. Breasts implants are quite popular among women who seek to retain their original size and projection while lifting their cleavage.

Finally, Jacqueline is a certified cosmetician and she is not shy to admit to cosmetic surgery procedures such as botox or facial fillers, you can even find videos of her while having some lifting of her cheeks online. With fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane you can look years younger without going under the knife, which is what we think she is doing to keep her image.

2 thoughts on “Jacqueline Laurita

  1. Kay

    She looks like a mummy when talking because her facial muscles don’t move, her lips barely move when she talks.

  2. Red

    Of course she had her nose done and a ton of fillers, brow lift and probably implants. Her face looks fake and unnatural. And no one was born with a nose like that. When these housewives get plastic surgery it usually ends up looking so unnatural. Even her poor daughter had plastic surgery… It’s tragic how people ruin their looks and don’t when to stop.


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