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Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter had plastic surgery?

The actress Charisma Carpenter, known by her role in the TV show Angel and Buffy, is rumored to have had breast implants.  There is not a big difference between pictures of her, but more a change in her whole style.  Her breast doesn’t look too high or too hard.  Taking this in count, there are two options, one is that she got the implants but a small size, proportional to her body and the second one could be that she is just using a wonder bra.

About considering plastic surgery she said for Sky:  "Absolutely! My father has overhanging eyelids and I tend to frown a lot and eyebrow-act a lot. So I think that in the industry I’m in, if I could bear to go under the knife, I think, "Great, knock yourself out." But I think once you start really messing with nature, it can backfire and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve seen some pretty bad jobs."

18 thoughts on “Charisma Carpenter

  1. Krystal J Peck

    Plastic surgery for those who don’t like what they have are fake people; it’s only necessary if you have serious birth defects to accidents. NOT just for show off! MY sister had her under eye lids cut I never even noticed that they were bloated so she wasted her savings on those, that’s not the brightest move she made someday they’ll go back to they way they were when she’s older. * eye rolls *

  2. Silicone Sal

    Fake. A woman can be near a “10” but if she’s been cut, stretched and stuffed? Off my list and She loses her sexual attractiveness in my eyes. Plenty of beautiful, curvaceous women out there that don’t need nor have plastic surgery. It’s like steroids in Baseball. Your records and statistics are no longer squat! Hell, I’m a 53 yr old stocky dim witted bald man. With a makeover and some good plastic work even I could get a few male takers.

  3. Kris

    Ok, she had a boob job, nose job, ¿butt job? well it looks weird i know she dont have much and dont have round hips still some how she have weird butt cheeks really fake, but its like she said…in the industry, and motherhood does not make your breasts hard and unmoving and that much weight made them sag afterward and she does not have that problem right???, and its pretty obvious that her leaving the show was because the A/C fiasco, nobody liked it and the raitings were down she was another Riley , her pregnancy made the perfect excuse to leave as the evil bitch clarifying the whole A/C mistake thing and making a decent way out for the caracter cause if Cordy was loved she could have come back to stay and she didnt do it….anyhow she looks great, she does exercise and if she is happy … everyone is happy with her…. oh by the way she has a pair of killer legs ….a 100% natural ….hope LOL.

    Still from BTVS i like SMG better more natural and more beautifull.

  4. Deb

    People are you blind???, she has a NOSE JOB, first in the early start of her career, then in like 1997 she had her first Boob Job, remember first season of Buffy TVS? or the show before that Malibu something with Carie Russell, the downhill came when she age on Angel at like 37 and now she is like what 43???? soooo its only natural (the only natural thing that happened to her), so that natural beauty my natural R…ear.

    For me Sarah Michelle Gellar is more Beautifull or Alyson Hannigan or even Amy Acker, and to date i think they are really natural!!! LOL

  5. lily

    If you watch her through the Buffy then Angel series, she also put on a bit of weight which generally gave her cruvier figure, and that includes breasts.

  6. Kiris

    Here Here it is about time someone with a brain commented like that. The reason Charisma was taken out of the last season of Angel is because she had a baby. Anyone who is female or married and has gone through pregnancy then the breasts get bigger…..

  7. ...

    no one here realizes that she was pregnant starting her last season of angel and that is why here breast size changed.

  8. @Jesper

    While I do think it’s probable she had some subtle breast work done, you do know that Playboy makes VERY heavy use of Photoshop to perfect these women’s bodies, right? It’s not always surgery, sometimes it’s just digital manipulation.

  9. Elle

    she’s definitely had breast implants. But, they’re fairly well done. Aside from that, I dont’ think she’s had any other work done, and if she has, congrats to her surgeon, he’s done an awesome job.
    Have to say though, she is 100% gorgeous! Everything about her, from her looks to her personality is just delish!

  10. Jesper

    When I look at the picture of her lying on her back, in the Playboy shoot, it’s obvious she’s had a boob job. Her breasts look like risen cup cakes or balloons, have that exact same unnatural firmness, real women’s breasts go flat with age and having reared children, ALSO western women, it’s a myth to say otherwise. Also, when woman bend over their breasts tend to hang down like socks, this is also precluded by the shape of the implants given an unnatural firmness to the breasts. We are looking at a miracle of science, not of nature and God. Her personality though, wow, now that is a miracle of God, and nature. She’s got enough personality for three people. And her legs, especially in the early Baywatch stuff, talk about wow. Even with small breasts she’d still be hella hot. One might say she has a funny face but her personality fills it with so much grace and vivacity, it completely overpowers it, and she’s a looker by any means. But somehow she is more like ordinary plus than supermodel material. Her personality is what carries everything I think.

  11. Olivia

    She hasn’t had any surgery, though there’s nothing so wrong about that. She’s very naturally beautiful.

  12. someguyinvegas

    me and charisma went out back to kiss heres the story.
    I went to get an autograph from her and she said you have no picture and i said yeah i was wondering when youre doing a tv show again but she completely changed the subject by saying let me gat you a picture so she took me to the back of the building in a room to give me a picture so i grabbed the picture but she landed a smooch on me so i landed one back and it was amazing the door was shut and locked and we went crazy .

  13. joseph tamburello wh ny

    i liked her nose better before her nose job. she looked amazing now its like what happen to you ?where did you go?


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