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Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Plastic Surgery

Jon Bon Jovi, born on March 2, 1962 still looks like the rock star that he is, what just make us wonder: Is plastic surgery helping him to keep his look?

Comparing pictures from different moments of his life, we don’t see any big change to say that he had procedures like a rhinoplasty (nose job) done, but his relatively flawless face skin could be the product of good genes, good diet, good exercise or good plastic surgery procedures such as a face lift and botox injections, a brow lift is also a possibility in his case.

From his appearance on shows as American Idol to his recent concerts, his face remains youthful and it is hard to remember that he was actually born in the early 60s.  On his side, he has the fact that his face doesn’t look "over done" and he doesn’t lack expression lines like some patients may look after bad plastic surgery.


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39 thoughts on “Bon Jovi

  1. anonomous from Aurora ON

    oooh please fans
    just saw him on idol and he has had plastic surgery for sure but who cares
    Bon Jovi please admit it

  2. CRAIG

    He is a good looking guy but he has had a facelift,an exceptionally good one too,I seen an episode of friends and it looked like someone was suffocating his face with a plastic bag,it must of relaxed by now cos now it looks natural

  3. Jane

    I met the guy this year and he looks like just his age, still very handsome though. I don’t think he had something done, perhaps some peeling, but nothing like a surgery.

  4. Emilie

    I’m pissing my pants reading you all. How can you girls possibly state he hasn’t had surgery? Are you a relative? Nope.

    Well, let me tell you something: my uncle is a star surgeon here in France, and some of you would be very surprised…
    Sometimes one can’t guess a person had surgery because the surgeon did a great job! (and that’s why it cost the arm)

    • Star99

      You just sound jealous. He’s natural, many surgeons comment on these sites have said he’s had nothing more than veneers

  5. sugahface

    Hey if i had the money i sure as hell would have a couple nips here and tucks there lol…..he looks great and he seems like a great guy : ) and look at that smile!

  6. Jemz

    Ha. Plastic surgery? I think not. He just knows how to look after himself. Plastic surgery for stars do not turn out well, so they look nothing like what they used to. Besides, even if he has, hes [u]HOT[/u]. 😛

  7. Jay

    umm he hasnt had anything done !
    This guy is WETTT and i would tap that ! ;D 😉
    i am only 14 but ummm he hasnt had anything done its all Bull****T
    and those who say is music is s**t i bet you couldnt sing even if you tried ! 😮


    I think Richie Sambora has been wearing man make-up! Personally when I saw the cover of The Circle the first thing I said was he and Jon had work done. WHO CARES!!! YOU AND I BOTH KNOW WE’D DO IT IF WE HAD THE LUXURY OF DOING SO!!!!

  9. Jim Canada

    The dude is a freak.
    He really needs to stop bleaching his hair and seriously stop making lousy music.

    Lets be honest his music sucks.

  10. Jim

    Def had plastic surgery, just look at the eyes.

    I can’t wait until they finally release their last album, I mean his music is stuck in the 90’s and I’m sooo tired of it!

  11. =] yum

    Love him! =] And I have always said that when I wouldn’t turn him down if he turned up on my door step with a bar of chocolate thats how you know I really am in love… Doesn’t mean i wouldn’t steal a kiss or three though 😛

    Hasn’t had any, doesn’t need any, and never will.


  12. Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Where is the commentary on the facelift, etc., on homosexuals George Clooney and Brad Pitt and Tammy Cruise?

  13. amazed

    I had no idea he had plastic surgery, botox, and a face lift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮
    But the still looks pretty good for his age 8) 8) 8) 8)

  14. Janelle from Rochester, NY

    Jon is a natural hottie; has not, does not and will never get or need plastic surgery! Yum!


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