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Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki Plastic Surgery

Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese pop star quite popular in Asia. There are many rumors about her plastic surgery and if you look at her pictures you can understand why.

Ayumi is a beautiful woman and her facial features just keep her fans wondering if she got something done or not. We found some older pictures of her but we are not completely sure that it is actually her. The difference can be seen, her eyes, her cheek bones, her nose and jaw line look like she got something done.

Now, in more recent pictures she is usually wearing some heavy make up and it is really hard to compare these kind of pictures. Asian blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in East Asia. We can see, even in the older pictures, that she had a crease on her eyes, although her eyes used to look smaller in proportion with her other facial features in the oldest picture. She could have gotten the eyelid surgery to make her eyes look bigger and a subtle rhinoplasty to make it look smaller, specially at the tip, but probably at the beginning of her career.

If the 1995 picture is in fact Ayumi, there we have a more distinctive difference. Her jaw line is also more square giving her lower face a larger look, it could be that she got some chin and jawline enhancement to help her improve her look. This can be achieved with chin implants and liposuction.

She has never admitted any kind of plastic surgery procedure, which is normal for celebrities even in the more obvious cases, but in order to keep a low profile and not to show their procedures, many stars get the surgeries before getting in to the public light and keep subtle anything else done after. We think that Ayumi’s look is not overdone and could be the result of a good make up artist, the best would be to have some recent pictures of her without make up to compare.

The most recent rumor was the she got a lip augmentation and in the last picture her upper lip do look bigger than before, we would need to wait and see if she continue to show her fuller lips or if that was just the result of lip gloss.

5 thoughts on “Ayumi Hamasaki

  1. Jen (@SummonerXI)

    All of the “after” pictures are album covers and photoshoots that have clearly been photoshopped to hell. So you can’t really go by those.

    A more plausible explanation is that she lost the baby fat in her cheeks and chin, and make-up does wonders to Asian eyes.

  2. rola

    she has had some work done on her face and her body. she is tottaly different. She is no longer same person.

  3. renagraham

    its clearly that she had asian blepharoplasty done on her eyes? then?

    she look gorgeous and if this makes her happy then lets be happy with it. i think more project offered to Ayumi Hamasaki after the surgery. lol


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