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Angela Raiola

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Angela Raiola Plastic Surgery

Angela Raiola, also known as Big Ang from the reality show Mob Wives, caught our attention after seeing some pictures of her over the weekend in New York. We wonder how would she look if she didn’t get so much plastic surgery.


But well, that’s pointless so we start wondering what did Big Ang got. On her face it seems that she got some facial fillers, botox injections and lip augmentation, she could easily have cheek implants and a facelift.

On her body breast implants are the most obvious procedure. She seems like somebody who loves plastic surgery, so she could have some liposuction also.

Is she overdone? Should she wait until everything settles down to get something more? Is Muse song Survival the best song for the Olympics? Are we going to keep track of Megan Fox baby bump? Probably yes.

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