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Andie MacDowell

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Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery

Nowadays we see a lot of celebrities in their 50s’ looking fabulous and claiming that it is the result of good genes and a healthy life style, but many people think that it is not so common to see in the streets outside Hollywood. Of course it depends on where do you live and is a subject of another conversation. Now the perfect example, Andie MacDowell looks stunning at 54, there are couple of cosmetic surgery procedures that could have helped her achieve this look.

From fat injections and dermal fillers to laser resurfacing, there are plenty of non invasive procedures out there to help smooth your skin without the need of a more dramatic facelift. We think that Andie got just enough of it to look great, probably some botox on her forehead also.

In this particular outfit her breasts don’t look very natural, too round and up, but it could be some trick to wear with the dress? What do you think, does she looks overdone to you?

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