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Adam Lambert

adam-lambert-plastic-surgeryAdam Lambert Plastic Surgery

Since first appearing in American Idol, Adam Lambert became someone to keep an eye on. He finished second but that didn’t stop him from keeping his dream alive and he successfully continued his career in the music industry. It can be seen that he doesn’t mind make up, probably plastic surgery is not a taboo for him either.


adam-lambert-plastic-surgery-3adam-lambert-beforeAdam-Lambert-plastic-surgery-2His face looks fairly natural, even with some minor wrinkles here and there so probably he is not getting even botox injections which are very popular among celebrities.

Adam is a young man and we haven’t hear that he is against plastic surgery, so maybe with time, if he thinks that he needs some nip and tuck here or there he may get it.


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9 thoughts on “Adam Lambert

  1. Mitchell Glambert

    I don’t think Adam needs a plastic surgery. He is so gorgeous in his natural look. And there r risks to get his wonderful face damaged due to some problems in surgery just stay the way u r.’cause all of us love u so much. And one day I wish to meet you. I love u, babe.

  2. fairywillow35

    Gorgeous he is!!! I hope he doesn’t get any surgery cause he is perfect how he is.and a lot of celebs end up looking worse.perfect example Michael Jackson and Britney spears broke my heart. I thought she was so gorgeous then she goes and messes up her nose. I hope Adam doesn’t.

  3. Sebastian

    he looked so good when he was younger

    he looked like a typical handsome irish boy from next door+

    now the looks like a freak

  4. Alex Stamos

    Adam can do whatever he wants! He is gorgeous! He also is very sweet and unpretentious, having had the opportunity to meet him.


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